Why EZWebSz?
EZWebSz pulls the pieces of the e-commerce puzzle together for you, 350 programs seamlessly integrated into a powerful online solution, so ALL THE PIECES OF THIS SYSTEM WORK TOGETHER AUTOMATICALLY, so you don't have to piece meal your Internet solution together and end up spending more money along the way.

EZWebSz provides a system that allows your website to go online as soon as your account is activated. This is called a "turnkey system". It means your business can be up and running on the Internet immediately. You could be taking online orders today!

EZWebSz lets you update your website so you can provide your customers with new products, current information and fresh ideas simply by logging onto the Internet and making your changes online.

After all a business website should provide service and selection to it's customers, not just text and graphics. EZWebSz offers an easy-to-use hostware system with powerful site building tools, catalog, and order form tools, calendaring, bulletin board, built-in mailing list, request forms and so much more.

And an Internet presence is more than just Web pages and hosting. EZWebSz provides a fully integrated online e-business "hostware" system that allows you to easily create, and easily maintain a low cost transactional Internet business that SAVES YOU MONEY AT START UP AND AS YOUR BUSINESS GROWS.
Proven System
This system has been operating and continues to be improved since initial development in 1993. Since this system exists on the Internet, you automatically receive the latest enhancements without the time consuming hassle of upgrades which usually occur transparently.

With EZWebSz, you can manage your Website from virtually anywhere on the Internet with only a computer and browser. Think of the possibilities of collaboration and freedom offered by a solution that is accessible and programmable from nearly anywhere on the planet!

EZWebSz offers website creation, development, hosting, site promotion, and e-commerce, supported and serviced by experienced Internet professionals according to commercial standards.

EZWebSz provides a comprehensive state of the art solution that can empower your business in fundamental ways necessary for success on the Internet.

Quarter of a Century Computer Experience
I formed EZWebSz.com to provide low cost, easy-to-use, fully integrated, fully on-line e-commerce solutions for small and medium size businesses.

I have over 25 years professional experience on a large number of computer systems and networks in a variety of business settings. Since 1975, I've done technical and consulting work for small business, Fortune 500 companies, government, and corporations across the US and abroad, including work in global marketing and financial management.

Over the last 25 years, I've come to recognize the significant benefits and value that a fully integrated system provides, and have developed the skills to quickly and efficiently implement these systems in a variety of business settings.

Now I am bringing to small and medium size businesses, fully integrated e-commerce website systems that are as powerful as a large corporation might need, yet affordable for small business.
Backed By Staff of Internet Professionals
I know that in order to provide a high level of service, reliability and support, I can't do it alone. That is why I have formed an alliance with hardware, software, and Internet professionals to provide a complement of website services, including website hosting, a fully integrated online website programming system, including administration tools, e-commerce and site promotion, all for one low monthly fee.

Our staff provides server maintenance, daily data backup to tape, continuous automated server monitoring, battery backup for short power outages, generator backup for even longer power outages, and tech support as part of your monthly fee.

EZWebSz covers all the major bases of an e-commerce system. However, from time to time, a client may have special programming needs. In most cases, I can accommodate you here as well.

We can also offer additional services like banner design, online advertising, merchant accounts, and more.

Fully Integrated Hostware System
Since maintenance (changes, upgrades, fixes, improvements) quickly becomes the highest cost of a commercial system, an INTEGRATED SOLUTION IS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE, not only because it is easier and less costly to maintain than separate programs, but individual programs usually evolve differently, so they might not always work together, especially after upgrading one or more of the individual programs. (Have you heard of Murphy's Law?)

With EZWebSz, you get a FULLY INTEGRATED E-COMMERCE SYSTEM that is COMPLETELY ONLINE, so all the maintenance, upgrades and backups are done for you right at your website. Since EZWebSz provides you with an "all-in-one" system, you won't have to worry about the technical things. You can FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS.

This system is so EASY TO LEARN AND USE that even a novice can quickly learn and setup complex website features in less time than it would take an expert to do the same with other systems.

EZWebSz provides powerful online collaborative features accessable from anywhere you have browser access to the Internet (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator v4.0 or above).

You Benefit From My Experience
With EZWebSz, you benefit from OVER 25 YEARS PROFESSIONAL COMPUTER EXPERIENCE (my personal experience) with knowledge in a variety of industries. (Add the talents and experience of my associates and support staff, and you have A WINNING TEAM!)

My HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE has been computer technology in manufacturing, engineering, military defense, navigation systems, automated test systems, avionics, aircraft, marketing, legal case management, retail, medical case management, education, payroll, taxation, general accounting, government cost accounting, entertainment, and the Internet.

My experience in information technology and financial management suggests that a FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION INCREASES OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY by reducing labor and maintenance costs. With my WEBMASTER TRAINING PROGRAM, you can REDUCE YOUR STARTUP COSTS EVEN MORE!

How would I know? Here are just a few organizations that have benefited from my experience and expertise:

Organizations That Have Benefited From My Experience
British Airways Hon Industries
United Airlines San Miguel
Delta Airlines QANTAS
Scandinavian Air System Litton Guidance & Controls
Malasian Airlines Litton Canada
Mitsubishi International New Mexico Water & Power
Foster Wheeler Union Camp
Home Savings of America Prentice Hall
Mitratech Blue Cross of California
Stanley Tool Auto Club of Southern California
Lexitron AT&T
Teledyne Systems Necochea (Mexico)
Teledyne Controls Vencor
Bank of America Dynamic Sciences
Jet Propulsion Laboratories United State Marine Corps

It Works for Others
Let EZWebSz Work For You!
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