EZ-Net Tools™ Features

EZ-Net Tools™ consists of over 350 separately written programs, which are all integrated into one Web site solution. In other words, all of the programs work together seamlessly, and the point and click technology works throughout the entire system.

The EZ-Net Tools™ programs provide on-line resources for Web page creation, e-commerce, and Web site promotion. What's more, hosting is included!

Web Page Creation with EZ-Pagebuilder™ will:
Bullet 1 Import Graphics 
Bullet 2 Add Text and Tables 
Bullet 3 Include Stock Graphics 
Bullet 4 Create an Event Calendar 
Bullet 5 Create a Bulletin Board/Forum 
Bullet 6 Add a Keyword Site Search 
Bullet 7 Convert into Search-Engine-Friendly HTML Code 
Bullet 8 Provide Shopping Cart and Order Buttons 
Bullet 9 Provide Quick Building Blocks - No Limiting Templates 

Hosting Includes:
Bullet 1 Up to 50 MB of Web Space 
Bullet 2 200 E-mail Accounts 
Bullet 3 Domain Name Hosting 
Bullet 4 Auto Save - NO FTP! 

E-Commerce Includes:
Bullet 1 Secure SSL Technology 
Bullet 2 3-Way Encryption 
Bullet 3 EZ-Catalog™ to Display Items for Sale 
Bullet 4 EZ-Order™ to Transact Business 
Bullet 5 Automatic or Order Retrieval Transaction Methods 

Web Site Promotion Provides:
Bullet 1 EZ-Submit™ to Manage Top 10 Search Engine Marketing 
Bullet 2 EZ-Link Trader™ which will Help Generate Links to Your Site from Other Web Sites 
Bullet 3 EZ-Counter™ to Track Visits to Each Web Page 
Bullet 4 EZ-Mail List™ to Create and Send Bulk E-mails 

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