Administrative Tools

The Administrative Tools section of the system is where you manage the operations of your Web site.
View Web Page
With the View Web Page feature, you can view your Web site without leaving the system. This way you can quickly view your Web site as you create it, without having to log back into the system every time.
Retrieve Orders
When you are notified that you have an order on the secure server, this is where you go to collect the orders you have received. Simply log in, securely retrieve the order from the server, and print your order.
View Counters
To check the number of times your Web pages have been seen, you can view them with the View Counters selection. The monthly counters for each page of your Web site will be displayed.
Register Domain Name
Use this tool to register new domain names. You don't even need to enter any technical information - it's all done for you!
Set Up E-mail Accounts
This tool allows you to add and delete your e-mail accounts at will. Your e-mail can even be something like
View E-mail List
Manage your e-mail list with this tool. You can see who is on your list and how many names you are collecting. You can also delete the names of those who want to be taken off your e-mail list with this tool.
Send to E-mail List
This is the area where you type in your e-mail message. You can either type directly into the form or you can cut and paste your message in from a word processor. When you send the e-mail, it goes to your entire list!
Edit Member Profile
If information about your company changes, you can easily update your Web site in the Edit Member Profile section. If your business moves or you add a toll free number, this is where you make the change. This is also where you can change your password to improve the security of your Web site.
Back-up Files
We suggest you make a back-up copy of your Web site periodically. Back-up Files is the area where you can easily make the copy. It saves the HTML files for safekeeping.
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