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My Company
I formed EZWebSz.com so you can easily, accurately, and effectively implement a fast start low cost E-Business using a unique and fully integrated easy-to-use online "hostware" system.

I have over 25 years professional hands-on experience in computer electronics, software programming, systems engineering, computer networking, global marketing, financial management and consulting for small business and Fortune 500 corporations across the US and abroad. I began to develop skills and tools for the Internet, since 1993.

I know and understand the power and cost saving benefits of a fully integrated business solution. Here are just a few organizations that have benefited from my technical expertise:
Organizations That Have Relied On My Solutions
British Airways Hon Industries
United Airlines San Miguel
Delta Airlines QANTAS
Scandinavian Air System Litton Guidance & Controls
Malasian Airlines Litton Canada
Mitsubishi International New Mexico Water & Power
Foster Wheeler Union Camp
Home Savings of America Prentice Hall
Mitratech Blue Cross of California
Stanley Tool Auto Club of Southern California
Lexitron AT&T
Teledyne Systems Necochea (Mexico)
Teledyne Controls Vencor
Bank of America Dynamic Sciences
Jet Propulsion Laboratories United State Marine Corps

Why EZWebSz?
An Internet presence is more than just Web pages and hosting. EZWebSz provides a fully integrated online e-business "hostware" system that allows you to easily create, and easily maintain a low cost transactional Internet business that can save you money at start up, and as your business grows.

EZWebSz pulls the pieces of the e-commerce puzzle together, and fully integrates more than 350 programs into a powerful online solution, which means all the pieces of this system work together automatically, so you don't have to piece meal your Website together and end up spending more money along the way.

This system has been under development since 1993, and continues to be improved. Since your system exists online, you automatically receive the latest enhancements without the time consuming hassle of upgrades.

With EZWebSz, you can fully manage your Website from anywhere on the Internet with only a computer and browser. Think of the possibilities of collaboration and freedom offered by a solution that is fully accessible from almost anywhere on the planet!

EZWebSz offers website creation, development, hosting, site promotion, and e-commerce, supported and serviced by experienced Internet professionals according to high commercial standards.

EZWebSz provides a comprehensive state of the art solution that can empower your business in fundamental ways necessary for success on the Internet.
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