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Danny Szeremet

Daniel Szeremet
Topic: Empowerment

Title: Tapping Incredible Power Ė Orientation, 

Brain Flash: And The Universe said thank you.


Orientation, Empowerment, Making a Difference

- Part 2 Sub Title - Dis-Orienting
- Part 3 Sub Title - Re-Orienting

Aug 6, 2020

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining me today.

Tiamo, thank you for hosting.

My Name is Danny Szeremet.

Welcome to my presentation: 
Tapping Incredible Power - Orientation

ImagineÖ at this very moment that...  you can tap incredible power.

How would you like to... have Incredible Power?
How would you... USE your Incredible Power?
Did you know you already possess Incredible Power?

The Universe consists of incredible power at every level, at every moment. From the grandness of the Cosmos to the infintesimile Quarks that make up the Cosmos.

We can OBSERVE Incredible Power.
We can COMMUNICATE with Incredible Power.

We are SURROUNDED by incredible power.

We are FILLED with incredible power.
Specialized to humanity and each one of us.

HOW are you doing?

In my full presentation, I share a story of how I realized incredible power. It's one story, two songs, a personal old testament and a personal new testament, that led me me towards Incredible.

I am in the presence of Incredible!

Give yourselves a hand. Come on. You deserve it.

You are Incredible!

Our biology is incredible, our technology is incredible. Our planet is incredible, our minds are incredible.

Incredible is everywhere. Incredible is a norm.

Except on the Internet... everything is VIRTUALLY incredible.

Mindfulness is Incredible Power. Mindfulness can be seen in the creations of artisans and craftsmen. Mindfulness can be heard in the words of a wise men.

Love is an Incredible Power... I feel.

Every incredible moment that I've experienced, has always included Love. Every incredible person I've known expresses Love.

I've had the privilege to work with, meet with, even live with people from around the world.

I've met incredible people from many walks of life, as colleauges, as clients, as friends, as family, as professional acquaintances, and personal acquaintances. Sometimes it's someone I've met for just a moment.

 they all have one thing in common.

That's the incredible power.

We can reflect upon the special people in our lives that just shined in some way. 

Professional, personally, romantically, maybe it was someone you met for the briefest of moment, but... you still remember something incredible about them.

ranks at the top my many people's list for example. 

We've seen incredible i

We've all had glorious moments, when we have seen Love in action. We are Love

With such incredible power, what DIRECTION are you pointing that? 

How are you ORIENTED?

 your power in a certain direction

When things are scrambled, at home, at work, in life, how do you evenÖ FIND direction?

Here is how you found direction:

My life was pre-scrambled when I was born. My father could not care for me. My mother could not care for me. My older brother was already being cared for by my father and grandmother. My older sister was with another family.

I was in need of a home, so undoubtedly scrambling ensued.

At four days old, I was placed in the care of a woman who happened to live next door to a prior generation of family in another neighborhood, at another time.

I call that woman Grandma.

Along with Grandpa and their actual grandson Bob, Grandma raised me as her own. I learned my directions in Grade School along with my address - 135 East North Avenue. I saw two directions and no name. As a First Grader, my address seemed scrambled.

My last name seemed scrambled too. Even Grandma seemed unsure of the spelling. Thatís when I learned I was living with a different family. I didnít have a family of my own.

On weekends, we would go up north to pick up eggs from the farmers. This was where Grandma and Grandpa grew up before moving to the city. They each had very large families.

Each summer, Grandma and Grandpa drove down to Florida to visit their daughter, brother Bobís mom. I could not join them on their trip to sunshine and palm trees, because legally they had no permission to take me out of state.

So for two weeks each summer, I stayed up north, with Aunt Catherine and Uncle Al, Grandmaís sister and brother-in-law. Grandma told me several times that they talked about adopting me. But I wasnít available for adoption.

Grandma told me that I was smart and that I was good, she raised me with love and understanding. On Sundays Grandma would make those farm fresh eggs sunny-side-up just for me.

At age seven and a half, my father brought me back with him and my brother Larry. Dad unscrambled my name before I entered Third Grade at my new school. Turns out my last name had been misspelled in the school record for three years.

Who knew?

Life with Dad was tougher, we had no car so we walked everywhere we could. Being three years younger than my brother Larry, so I had to scrambled to keep up with him and Dad.

Without Mom, Larry and I did the chores, the dishes, the cleanup, shopping, went to the laundry mat and so on. We also learned how to work outside the home. So we scrambled off to sell seeds, candy and greeting cards door to door, and did work at the Boysí Club to earn two weeks of summer camp.

Dad taught me that life can be tough. Yet one can work hard to gain skills, reap rewards and move forward.

Weeks before my Ninth Birthday, Dad fell ill and died. Life became scrambled again. The following month President Kennedy was shot. Now the whole country was scrambled.

During this time of loss to my family and our country, we shifted into the home of another family, an aunt and uncle, half brother to my Dad. My sister Linda joined us as well.

The outlook of this family was different.

We did our chores, dishes, cleaning, shopping etc. like we had with Dad. Yet the allowance we were offered and promised was not forthcoming.

As the youngest of three, I was nominated to ask for our allowance. This resulted in a lengthy lecture regarding my audacity to ask for the allowance.

My aunt told me I should be grateful to have a roof over my head. Because the county wasnít paying them enough for us.

If I wasnít happy there, I could go live at the county facility, where the environment was like a prison, uncomfortable, unsafe, scary and lonely. If I asked again, the lecture got longer and harsher.

Even as my aunt would tear into that nine year old me, I knew there is a better way to raise a child. I lived under Grandmaís example and remembered how she loved me. I knew asking was not wrong. I had a better reference.

Allowance faded away unpaid. Lectures continued over the slightest of provocation, becoming longer and more hurtful in delivery. But I was empowered by the love that  Grandma instilled in me. I knew better.

Sometimes I even felt sorry for my aunt. She was young and probably just following the example she was giving as a child. I felt lucky to have another example.

Routine was to do my chores, the daily shopping, dishes, until done, then stay away from home, and be home by dinner.

Sometimes my mother would call around dinner time, because thatís when we are home together.

After our motherís call we were told not to have anything to do with our mother. Because where was she when we needed her.

As for Grandma, my visits were stopped. She wasnít blood. so how could Grandma even love me. My aunt had married into the family.

I cannot say I moved though this period of life unscathed. I picked up fears and mixed messages about life and others.

I found myself in fights from time to time, wondering why.

My strength existed in the knowledge that my stay in my auntís household would end one day. I learned from those lectures, that I had no choice to leave, until I reach a certain age.

When I reached a certain age, I requested to move to the county facility. I was taking charge of my life.

Then I had no family.

At the facility, I could not contact friends. My friends were my peer support. I missed them.

Life seemed even more scrambled at county, and rougher.

Yet I had a prayer, and a belief that once Grandma learned about me being in the county system, Grandma would bring me home, despite the nay-say.

I knew Grandma loved me. I could feel it, even though she was miles away and years ago. Grandma SAID I was good. Why wouldnít she?

I was smart enough, and brave enough to make this choice. I knew the risks. Then I jumped into a different world and handed my life to a higher power. I had faith.

Grandma learned about my predicament, and took action.

A scramble of paperwork and processing unsued, and I was brought home to Grandma as I neared my Fourteenth Birthday.

We celebrated my Birthday and my new life with family members I knew from my earliest years, my brother Bob, cousins, aunts and uncles, and enjoyed a wonderful homecoming.

By then, I knew how precious my time was with Grandma. I listened to her stories about my past life with her, I listened to stories of her life, my fatherís life, my motherís life.

Grandma encouraged me to see my mother more often. She encouraged me to forgive my mother. Undoubtedly Mom dealt with challenges I may never know.

She encouraged me to forgive my aunt and uncle for their misguided and well intentioned role in my life.

We are all learning here after all.

I followed Grandmaís advice to see my mother.

Also I read somewhere that you should honor your father and your mother.

Even though she hadnít raised us and it felt awkward, I chose to call her ĎMomí, for her sake. I wanted to her to feel accepted. She was here now.

I wanted her to feel dignity. Iíve seen her struggle, even as she tried to see us at various times in our childhood. Mom didnít have a car. Sometimes she didnít have a place to stay.

In her later years, Mom lived at home in comfort and dignity. We would talk almost every day by phone. I would see Mom several times whenever I visited Milwaukee. Even though, we connected later in life. I am blessed to know my mother too.

There were times in my life, when I thought I had no family. Now when I visit to my home town, I am welcomed by three families, and the branches of even more family.

Because of Grandmaís generosity of spirit, goodwill, encouragement to forgive, and the love she gave to some neighbor kidís kid years ago, I have been able to enjoy incredible benefits.

From Grandma, I gained an orientation that I use daily, I use it at work, I use it when I travel, I use it when I meet new people.

Little did I know what incredible results would follow. Here is an example:

I was waiting to board a flight from Los Angeles to Louisville, Kentucky on business. In the waiting room, I spotted a little old lady walking rigidly, hunched over, clinging to her purse like it was her only possession.

I imagined if one got too close, theyíd receive a smack with that purse. Or maybe she was struggling with illness or disease. Once I was seated on the plane, I noticed her walking toward me.

She sat down next to me, still withdrawn, silent and clinging to herself. This was going to be a long ride, I thought. Especially for her. She looked so uncomfortable, so withdrawn, so isolated, so unapproachable. How can I help this woman?

So I asked her about her trip. I donít think Iíve seen a person light up so quickly. Right before my eyes, she transformed to an amazingly delightful person eager to tell me everything about her trip, her family and her life.

The otherwise long flight went quickly, and I was amazed with her story. I learned this was the return flight of her first trip by air, and she hadnít enjoyed the outbound flight. But she was  delighted with her return flight, and couldnít wait to tell her family about the wonderful time she had with me on her return flight. I was honored to have been able to help.

Once I picked up my luggage, I headed for the airport kiosk to arrange transportation to the hotel. Just then a older gentleman approached me and asked if we could share a cab. He said he overheard that I was staying at the same hotel.

On the trip to the hotel. He told me that he saw me on the plane with the elderly woman, so he felt comfortable with me. As we talked, I learned he owned a company in Wisconsin, were Grandma now lived, where Uncle Al and Aunt Catherine watched me during the summer.

Uncle Al had been Chief of Police in that city, so I mentioned him. The man told me that Uncle Al threw the best BBQ heís been to. Then the man said he was throwing an annual party for his existing clients. He invited me to the party, the next evening.



Decades ago, I experienced an epiphany

discovered a profound connection with Divinity, in an epiphany. The experience of that awakening was blissful, healing, fulfilling, inspiring, simply incredible!

Incredible enough to changed my life.

The synchronicities and events that followed were uncanny. I might not have believe it myself, had I not seen it, felt it, experienced it, and lived it.

I had tapped into something incredible!
Then life became incredible!

I could even ask questions of Source and answers would pour in, usually within the day or two. I was amazed that the answers to my deeper questions came at all. Yet, after the epiphany, the longest Iíve waited for an answer was one week.

Response to my inquiries came so fast, I would

even to pose questions and receive an answer faster than anticipated. For a while  

receive answers. The maximum time

and the results

 of tapping this power

That experience changed my life



Listen for yourself.

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Danny Szeremet

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