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Danny Szeremet

This is Danny. He loves his guitar. And what they can do together.

If you enjoy beautiful guitar, and a voice that carries a message, you will remember Danny Szeremet.

(The name - It's really not that hard.)

Notice the golden bow on Danny's guitar.

Danny placed that bow on his guitar in November, 1994.

That bow commemorates the most powerful event Danny had ever experienced in his life.


A moment of Enlightenment, Warmth, Clarity, Love, Forgiveness, and so... much... more.

It was a moment of transformation, where sorrow became Gratitude, fear became Love, and understanding became Knowledge at a level deeper than Danny had known, yet...

A much deeper level.

In that moment, Danny Szeremet was forever changed.

That's not all.

Danny's world also changed, and blessed him. He saw a smile in every person he encountered. If not, he made sure to give them one.

Raises, job offers, new and interesting assignments involving travel and adventure were suddenly given him.

And the mind blowing synchronicities that followed would have been unbelievable, if not for the fact they actually happened!

Danny shares his experiences with synchronicity in story and song, at keynote concerts, VIP concerts, and virtual events.

Listen to a couple of Danny's song's, you will clearly hear, in a real and honest manner, WHAT lifted him to enlightenment, and HOW he connected with Divinity.

Literally (and musically) Danny created in two songs, a personal old testiment and a personal new testiment that reveals a profound change in a man who sought Truth and found it.

Here is how it began:

At age 14, Danny Szeremet marched into a downtown pawnshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to buy a guitar.

He left with a guitar he had successfully negotiated from the price of $30 down to $23.62 (which coincidently was the exact amount the young teen had.)

Satisfied with his "prowess" in bargaining, Danny began to develop his prowess on guitar, learning from music books and albums, the songs of Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel), Cat Steven, the late Jim Croce, the late Harry Chapin, Don McClean, the Late John Denver, Seals snd Croft and others of that genre.

Danny loved their mastery of guitar and sought to play their songs with the same precision and style.

Danny was also drawn to their lyrics with depth and meaning. He was seeking answers and Truth.

You see, as a foster child. Danny had been immersed in different families, and entangled in different outlooks, religions, and attitudes.

Danny had finally settled with his final family. He has a special place in his heart for this family, particularly Grandma Falk.

She saved his life.

Years later, Danny wrote a special song for Grandma Falk, to thank her for loving him, for helping him to heal... for her hugs.

Danny spoke endless words of praise for Grandma Falk, to the assembly of mourners at her funeral.

When Danny played his original song, for the audience, he could feel healing in action, and see it in others.

(Few hear this song without tears - good tears.)

That song lives in Danny's heart and in the hearts of others. Danny gave a CD of the song to his brother Bob, actual grandson to Grandma Falk. She saved his life too.

Once Danny acheived proficiency, he started writing and performing.
He performed at high school, at church, at a neighborhood coffee shop, and parties, singing songs that matched his voice and sounded good on the guitar he bargained for $23.62.

At age 19, Danny marched into the Marine Corps. But before he did, something incredible happened.

Days before his departure, Danny was approached by a girl who he only knew by casual greetings when passing at school.

She handed him a picture frame displaying lyrics to a song she had written just for him. It was decorated, even had a wax seal.


He wouldn't have believed it, but her lyrics matched his life in such detail, he could tell she cared about him and his future.

Can you imagine a gift as personal and as meaningful as an original song?

A diamond may last forever, and reflect light on your finger. A personal custom song lasts forever and creates light in your heart.

Danny cherishes that gift, and always remembers when she sang it to him. It was a beautiful send off for a boy transitioning into manhood.

In the Marine Corps, Danny thrived. He graduated first in his class, and was given choice of duty station. He chose Southern California.

In the Corps, Danny received a Letter of Commendation, Meritorious and rapid promotion, rising from Private to Sergeant in two years of his three year term. Typically this rank takes more than one term to acheive.

It's amazing how well a man can perform when supported by the love of his Grandma and inspired by a song from a girl.

During his service, Danny continued writing, and performing at local coffee shops, bars, the Orange County Fair, The Bob Hope USO in Hollywood, The San Francisco USO.

Danny was playing better guitars he purchased from fellow Marines. One is the guitar, adorned with that bow, celebrating the epiphany, yet to come

Danny purchased that guitar from Sgt. Robert Scott a country guy from Fresno. Danny and Robert wrote two songs together.

Everytime Danny picks up that guitar or sings either one of those songs, he thinks of Sgt. Robert Scott with special fondness.

Danny also wrote a song for another Marine Corps buddy Leslie Chaplin. They had become best friends.

Danny presented that song to Les for his birthday. It was really a goodbye song anticipating their separation from the Corps and each other.

That song helped Danny to grieve early and helped him to tell his best friend, how much he means to him.

Original songs seem to have that power. Often with results well beyond expectation. Les Chaplin decided to stay in Southern California as well. Danny and Les remain best friends today.

That song also had the power to attract a talent agent, Mararet Rogers in North Hollywood at the world famous Palamino Club. Danny performed that song in a talent contest once.

Margaret Rogers represented a full band that was also in the talent show. When Danny returned from his solo, Margaret walked over, gave Danny her card, and asked him to call her.

The band, she represented won First Place that night. Danny was a finalist and had her business card in his wallet.

Danny met with the winning talent agent and her husband, another music executive. Danny sang his short repetoire (back then) for both.

At the end of the meeting, Margaret voiced interest in Danny's songs for her band. The other music executive wanted to take TWO SONGS of Danny's to Nashville. The other song was one co-written with Robert Scott.

While the offers were encouraging and very appreciated. Danny envisioned singing his songs himself, and wasn't prepared to send his song to the other side of the country.

A piece of advice Danny received from that music executive was to "keep writing". Which Danny did.

Danny submitted one of his other songs to The American Song Festival in Hollywood, His song ranked in the Top 4% in that international competition.

"A strong and proven song", the letter declares. "You are on the right track." The letter states. "You should be proud."

After encouraging feedback from twelve music professionals, Danny improved that song even more, to include a powerul refrain that shifted that song to a whole new level.

When Danny writes a custom song, he even offers a free rewrite!

Years later, that song won the heart of someone very special. The love of Danny's life.

Rose told Danny when she heard that song, she knew he was the one.
Danny and Rose have been together 30 years as of this writing.

That's the power of an original heartfelt song.

People often ask Danny and Rose, how they met. It's obvious they are in love, so people ask.

Danny's the brains. Rose is the beauty. Sometimes Danny's the idiot.

Subscribers get to be the first to know about upcoming events and enjoy recordings of songs, and stories.

At private, VIP and virtual concerts, guests get to hear the stories and songs at live and virtual events, in a way that allows Danny to share even more, in a more personable way.

Danny is worth seeing and listening.

During Danny's years in service, he also wrote a song celebrating the volunteers at the Bob Hope USO, and what they meant to him.

Military service can be lonely. Danny wanted to thank the USO volunteers for THEIR SERVICE, and their smiles, their encouragement, their giving.

In Hollywood, Danny performed that song at the Bob Hope USO before the volunteers, guests, staff and celebrity audience.

When you include that song in any purchase, Danny contributes a portion to the USO, the heroes behind the heroes.

When audiences request that song at one of Danny's speaking events, Keynote Concerts, private or VIP concerts, Danny will contribute even more to those heroes.

From that appearance, Danny's picture with article appeared on the cover of the El Toro MCAS weekly newspaper, The Flight Jacket, covering his performance.

Danny was then invited to perform on the Marine Corps base as well.

The USO offered to send Danny's picture to the Los Angeles Times and Milwaukee Journal. At the time, Danny was still confused about his purpose and worth, vanity, and declined something he actually wanted. Mistake noted.

Danny returned to civilian life and settled in Southern California. He built a career growing from Electronic Technician to Systems Engineer to Director of Operations, attending college at nights to earn a Science Degree in Mathematics.

Kind of a nerd in some ways.

Aren't we all?

Danny continued to write songs. He spoke and sang at corporate events, coffee shops, stadiums, seminars and private VIP events in cities, near, far and in between, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Manilla, Philipines, local cities, and current city, Santa Clarita.

Danny has performed on dozens of stages, and typically has been asked for repeat engagements, and to perform at larger venues.

Danny has appeared before more than 10,000 audience members, not including television appearances broadcasted from Milwaukee, Hollywood and Manilla, Philippines.

Danny has been approached several more times, by executives in movie and entertainment.

Danny hasn't been seeking fame or fortune. Danny has been seeking a kingdom. All the rest has been added.

Danny continues to write and perform his songs, and is grateful, for awakenings as they occur. There are more than one.

After the epiphany described at the beginning of this page, Danny followed his path into greater depths. He did the work to understand from multiple perspectives, the way, the means, the mechanisms, and magic we are given, that drive our experience, and life itself.

Danny studied spiritual teachings and tenents, philosophies, modern physic and contemporary authors and teachers of all sorts, to validate his experience. and to understand the realities he discovered in that moment and the miracles that followed.

Told you he was a nerd.

It is not possible to explain a quarter century of near daily research in this small glimpse of Danny's life. Danny does speaking engagements to explain the connections he's made.

Go to one of Danny's talks and see how he explains the upper dimensions of life in a simple, elegant manner you won't forget.

Danny explains in simple terms what he has discovered, through seminars, keynote concerts, and original song documenting life experience through word and music, so he can share what he has learned, openly and honestly, and in a meaningful way.

You should hear Danny's personal anthem. He wrote it after the epipiphany described above.

Not only does that song describe HOW Danny discovered the secret, it has also became an ongoing source of strength, direction, and inspiration.

Danny is often in the deep end of the ocean, waiting for the next bigger wave to lift and pour him onto the shore and pour him out with new experience, knowledge and fulfillment.

Hop in, the water is fine!

Listen to Danny's words with an open mind. Listen to Danny's music with an open heart. Danny is worth listening.

Danny owns scores of copyrights and is registered with US Library of Congress.

So Danny has a plethora of songs and stories to perform and entertain... and ponder.

His best songs, in Danny's opinion, helped him to make breakthroughs that resulted in expanded understanding, new reality, and epiphany!

Danny is working on his next level right now. Sign up. We can do this together.

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Let Danny show you how it IS possible to be moved in a very real way, from the same old story, to a whole new song.

Roadmap included!

Listen for yourself.

Custom Songwriter
Danny Szeremet

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