Back Home Kind

Strike a Genuine Cord with Someone Special

The above picture was taken 14 years after Danny won the heart of this lovely lady.

It happened on their first date.

Danny wanted to impress Rose, so when they were together in his car, he played a cassette tape for her with some of the songs he had written and recorded.

By the time Rose had finished listening to Danny's tape of original songs, she was in tears, moved deeper than she had ever expected.

Later in their relationship, Rose told Danny, when she heard his original song, Back Home Kind, it was then that she knew he was the one for her.

Today Danny and Rose enjoy a beautiful life together. As of this writing, they have been together for 30 years.

Danny's songs have a message worth listening

Singer/Songwriter Danny Szeremet has written and performed original songs throughout his life.

In the process of writing, Danny seeks depth in his lyrics and a virtuosity in his music that resonates with the heart, the mind and soul.

His Results Have Been Better Than He Anticipated!

In his teens, Danny wrote songs and was invited to performed for audiences in his home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Soon after, Danny was invited to perform his original work and talents, on stages in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and other cities, domestic and abroad.

Danny has performed his original works at bars, restaurants, coffee shops, the county fair, numerous USO Shows and corporate events.

It is not uncommon for Danny to play in one venue, and then be invited to play for another event. Danny has even been requested by music and movie executives to send his music to Nashville and the "Big Screen".

But at the time, Danny wasn't ready to step into the business side of music. He had a career, and more life to experience.

Experience Song in a Deeper Way

Danny creates his songs with the mind of a student, eager to learn from his gift. Many times, he uses that gift to honor a friend, a family member, a special loved with a song written specifically for them.

You are Invited

You are invited to experience the music of Danny Szeremet with a Custom Song written especially for you, or for your family, or loved one, or special friend, or for your business, project or charity.

Show How Deeply You Care

Make dreams come true with a Custom Song written by Danny Szeremet for that special someone, that certain occasion, or that important cause.

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