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Danny Szeremet


Danny Szeremet was raised in the Mid-West, served his country in the USMC, then settled in California where he worked in as an engineer, instructor, director and consultant in various industries.

From an early age Danny started performing in church, and a local coffee shop. During military service, he performed at USO Shows and other venues including the legendary Palomino Club in North Hollywood.

Danny was been approached by executives in the Music Industry, the Movie Industry, and within the companies where he has worked, each asking him to bring his original works to them.

Mostly Danny wrote about life. Often his songs were written as gifts celebrating the lives of others, or moments with friends or family, sometimes he used his music for soul searching.

It was in the process of songwriting that Danny experienced the greatest event in his life. An epiphany had occurred, beyond any he had experienced so far.

The event of the epiphany had brought him from deep despair to the highest bliss he had ever imagined. And his whole life changed... new job offers, raises at work, more interesting assignments.

People began to approach Danny, inviting him to lunches, dinners, parties, events and more. Synchronicity occurred so often after that he began to expect answers to his quantum questions within a week.

The epiphany occurred between the creation of two songs Danny created as a gift to someone. Turns out Danny received an amazing gift in return in a way he never expected.

Then over the next 25 years, Danny studied, learned and lived a life dedicated to understanding what he had experienced and learned, and sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

Whether it's sharing a message of hope, gratitude and empowerment with a larger audience, an intimate group or as a gift for one, Danny's original stories and songs have a difference that can make a difference.

The difference is making a difference.
Call Me: 661-904-0925