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Through the gift of oration and original song, Daniel combines a message that hits home, and a truly resonates with his audience.

Daniel has spoken to over 10,000 people on dozens of stages, at conferences, corporate functions, sales seminars, schools, charitable events and more.

Grounded in a career in digital electronics, systems engineering, and software development applied in a number of industries, Daniel brought ideas and solutions to professionals in engineering, health care, legal, management and more.

Daniel holds a Science Degree in Mathematics, and various industry certifications and state licenses in networking, healthcare, cost accounting, real estate, human resources, sales and management.

Daniel's sales experience combines leading group seminars and closing in a single sitting, as the standard..

Military service includes letter of commendation, meritorious promotion, and rapid advancement in rank (Private to Sergeant in two years) in the US Marine Corps.

As a student of life, this perpetually curious keynote speaker delivers a unique perspectives on a spectrum of topics, in a way that moves audiences beyond understanding alone.

Daniel is well versed in multiple areas and speaks on many subjects. Daniel has a spontaneous sense of humor that people enjoy.

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Daniel expands concepts in a warm and meaningful way that reaches the hearts of his audience members.

Daniel Szeremet own scores of copyrights, and is registered with the US Library of Congress.

Capture your audience's imagination, in a unique way with word and ORIGINAL song. The impact is surprisingly powerful.

When Daniel share words and a song Audiences say "YES"!

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