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Four Things Your E-Commerce Website MUST Have to Be Successful!

The Four Components of a Successful Online Business

1. Hosting
Hosting is of course, the most basic component of any webiste. Because your hosting company is where your website "lives".

Many companies will charge you for space on a computer connected to the Internet.

With EZNetSystems, your valuable data is handled and managed on high-speed clustered servers with WatchDog(TM) Technology, State of the Art Encryption, Hight Speed Optical Connection to the Internet and much more!

Plus... with EZNetSystems HOSTING IS FREE!

Alot of hosting companies might give you a couple dozen templates to pick from. If you find a template you like then your website can look like many others online.

Or pay someone else to create your website for you.

With EZNetSystems you hava a complement of powerful profession Website Development tools built right in, this means you can make changes to your website from anywhere on the Internet.

Get started today with EZNetSystems!

2. Webpage Creation

3. E-Commerce
To accept payment at your website, it must be e-commerce ready. And your transaction information must be secure and encrypted.

Many hosting companies send you to other external companies for Card payments or for a shopping cart, even limiting the number of products you can offer.

EZNetSystems provides a complement of built-in E-Commerce feature, including catalogs of items, built-in order form, shopping cart, 3-Way Encryption, product search, Order Reports, Statistics and much much more!

EZNetSytems makes E-Commerce EZ.

Many overlook this part of their Website, then wonder why doesn't anyone come to my website.

This is because most website lack this very vital element of success, or send you off to someone else for that.

EZNetSystems includes Built-In Website Promotion Tools as well. Tools Like:

- Search Engine Registration

- E-Mail List

- Automated Subcription Forms

- Bulk E-Mailer

- Affiliate Tools

- Link Trading Tools

- Automatic Page Counters

Web Site Promotion Tools are included with EZNetSystems.

Get started with EZNetSystems today and see how fast your online business will grow.

4. Web Site Promotion

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