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Components of a Successful Online Business

The four major piece of a successful online business are Web Page Creation, Web Site Hosting, E-Commerce, and Web Site Promotion.

4 Major Pieces of a Successful Online Business

  1. Web Page Creation
  2. Web Site Hosting
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Web Site Promotion
In order to have a successful business presence on the Internet every piece of the puzzle must be in place and operating. Anything less is only a partial solution.

If you are considering an Internet presence, EZ-NetSystems makes it easy for you to get online.

If your current website is taking you nowhere, it is likely that your solution is incomplete. EZ-NetSystems, integrates all the pieces together with a technology called "hostware".

Hostware is a combination of software and hosting that is accessible over the Internet. With hostware, you create your Web site over the Internet and save your work directly online.

To Have a Complete Online Business You Must Have All the Pieces

1. Web Page Creation

Web page creation is the ability to design a Web page. In the past, HTML programming was the only way to create a Web page. Since that time software solutions have evolved to make it easier to complete this piece of the puzzle.

Our "hostware" system features EZ-Pagebuilder which makes it easy to design and create Web pages without HTML programming.

Integration makes our solution more powerful than other solutions. Advanced programming unavailable in other solutions, become part of the page creation process. For example, with EZ-NetSystems, adding a secure order form or shopping cart is as easy as the click of a mouse.

2. Web Site Hosting

Web site hosting is a service offered to provide Web space - where your Web pages live. There are many hosting companies that offer this single piece of the puzzle.

Hosting companies do not offer complete integration. For example, a separate process called File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is required to move files from your PC to the host computer.

With EZ-NetSystems, when you save a Web page it is immediately available worldwide! No FTP required! Our system includes complete hosting services including e-mail and domain name registration tools.

3. E-Commerce

Another important piece of the puzzle is the ability to securely transact business over the Internet. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the most secure technology available today is used with our EZ-Order program.

We offer two ways to securely transact business:
With this method when an order is placed, the customers credit card is automatically charged.
The transaction is integrated with AuthorizeNet
and processed through your merchant bank
account (OAC).
Order Retrieval
With this method when you receive an order, the system notifies you by email. You then retrieve the order and process the transaction manually. EZ-NetSystems uses 3-Way Encryption technology for added security.
4. Web Site Promotion

The final piece of the puzzle ignored by most solutions, is Web site promotion. With EZ-Submit for example, you can effectively promote your Web site on the top 10 search engines. With EZ-Link Trader, you can discover the power of reciprocal linking.

Effective Integration
Saves You Time And Money

This "hostware" system puts all of the pieces of the "online business" puzzle together for you. Even more impressive this system fully integrates more than 350 programs.

Integration means all pieces of our system work together automatically. This way, you don't have to piecemeal your Web site together and end up spending more money along the way.

"Your Computer Solution to Internet Success"
What Our Users Are Saying

"If you have ever considered building a Web site but were afraid of the complexity, fear no more!"
Russel L. Owner - A Touch Of Glass

"For a small company we didn't have the time to learn HTML. We found that all we needed to do was point and click - and away we went into the 21st century."
Joe B. Owner - Rosewood Construction

"The catalog program is very easy to use and when I have a question or problem, I just call them and they help me out."
Devri R., Manager - Press-a-Print

"I have been able to introduce a shopping cart/e-commerce system into my existing Web page without knowing CGI. E-commerce has completely turned my business around. It was easy."
Russel L. Owner - A Touch Of Glass

"We have been seeing a steady increase in the number of daily hits and have a growing e-mail list requesting updates and catalog information. The support staff takes the time and effort to assist a novice, thank you."
Roger F., - THe LIttle Catalog Company

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