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"I would like to thank you for assisting our company in developing our Web site and for the continued support with upgrading. We have been seeing a steady increase in the number of daily hits and, even more important, in the amount of time each person is spending on our site. We have a growing e-mail list requesting updates and catalog information. We will now begin a mail order catalog to complement our Web site. Your company takes the time and effort to assist a novice. Thank you."

Roger F.

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"For some time, I have been trying to establish a business Web site for my medical and surgical practice. I had previously hired an outside Web development company to design one for me. The main drawback was that any time I wanted to add additional changes or modify graphics, I had to have that done for me. Deciding to sign up with your company was a significant step in the right direction for me. After spending only 1 or 2 hours with a knowledgeable representative, I was able to design and input Web pages into my Web site with relative ease. And all without having to learn HTML. I actually look forward now to maintaining and adding to my Web site on a regular basis. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to establish a personal or business Web site."

Dr. Bruce T.

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"At last I found your company! From the start, I was impressed by your enthusiastic, friendly, and welcoming approach. You introduced me to the excellent concept of "hostware." Hostware enabled me to set up an order form in a matter of minutes, and your team helped me tailor the system to the exact requirements of a British company. This you did with unfailing professionalism and good humor.

Great Service, thank you!"
Allan K.

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Discover Active Website Services!

  • Author and modify content as often as you want without buying software
  • Offer unlimited items in your searchable catalog database
  • Build and service your valuable list of customers by their interests.
  • Let your community express their enthusiasm on your bulletin board.
  • Publish important dates, times and durations in automated event calendar.
  • Quickly direct visitors to dealers and affiliates in other states.
  • Provide online business directory, searchable by name, type and contact.
  • Protect your customers and you through secure servers transactions
  • Enter important contact information in one place to display on every page.
  • Upload and manage files without File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Protect sensitive website pages file by username and password.
  • Automate Link Trades with other websites to increase website traffic.
  • Register with Top 10 Search Engines using built in tools.
  • Automatically process online orders and email confirmation to customers..
  • Securely retrieve orders to use your existing merchant account.
  • Use Internet merchant account to fully automate online transactions.
  • Manage New Orders, Existing Orders, Back Orders, and Archive
  • View Order Statistics and Customer Data Base by Specified Criteria.
  • Download Orders to your own database or accounting system
  • Statistical Hit Counters automatically placed on each page
  • View Statistical Hit Counter History by Month and Day.
  • 200 Email Accounts (Both POP 3 and Online Mail System).
  • Learn how to track leads to monitor your marketing efforts.
  • Acquire skills using with built-in help system and online manual.
  • Enjoy FREE Hosting when you subcribe to an EZ-Net Tools Account.
  • Benefit from FREE Tech Support by phone or email.
  • Learn insider tricks in FREE Online Newsletter published monthly.
  • Much more…
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