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If you've ever wanted to have a successful Internet web site, you must read this!

"How to Create a successful Web site without a
stitch of programming experience"

In just a moment I will show you:

  • How to run circles around the so called computer "guru's".

  • How to create your own "Gold Mine" that you can tap into anytime.

  • How to develop a powerful system to effectively market YOUR product.

  • How to get 100's of powerful resources for less than 15 cents apiece.

  • How to reach customers world wide without spending a penny on advertising.

  • How to make a monthly income even if you don't have a product.

  • ...and more.

Dear Friend,

Frankly I am shocked at the current situation on the Internet.

Business people, entrepreneurs, working mothers, even unemployed people have been shelling out hundreds... even thousands of dollars to expensive "guru's" selling the Internet promise and delivering little more than expensive Web pages with less effective than a refrigerator magnet.

You may already be wasting your money on the Internet... and getting litte in return.

That's the reason I created this website. I am tired of seeing people spending their hard earned dollars for web pages and (maybe) a shopping cart. That marketing model usually doesn't work.

Despite the 100's of Millions of surfer on the Internet, most people don't get on the Internet to find your website and spend their money at your site, unless you've cornered a market somehow, or have a budget beyond the spent millions that led to the demise of a number of dot-coms.

The model that has proven to be successful for search engines, directory websites, free email providers, chat rooms, online forums, information sites, insurance companies, banks, stock brokerage firms, florists, shipping companies, catalog stores, direct marketers (even a guy who mows lawns for a living can have a sucessful website as long as it) provides what every surfer is looking for:


(Trust me... most surfers won't return to your websites to see your dancing logo or animation.)

What kind of service? ...Service that:

  • Provide solutions, or

  • Makes people feel better

I could site a variety of online services that serve either one of these purposes or both, but what is most important is the service that you can provide to your customers, prospects and visitors.

Service that:

  • Attracts visitors

  • Builds customer loyalty

  • Retains clients.

  • Provides convenience.

  • Saves Time

  • Saves Money

  • Grows your Business.

  • Generates Value.

  • Creates Goodwill (that you can take to the bank).

Five or ten years ago this whole Internet thing seemed so crazy. But after watching the little guys tear up the field, the big companies have gotten online. And for those who know how, it's paying off big time! Because no matter what product you offer...

Customers Expect Service!

And Internet technology has definitely raised the bar.

If you would like to be a business that provides online service, if you would like to provide the kinds of features that have made companies famous (and rich), if you would like to give your website visitors reasons to return to your Web site and reasons to buy from you, look into our Web site and discovery website capabilities that you can literally take to the bank (automatically or manually).

Find out what services these active website can provide to both your visitors and YOU! You can even receive FREE ACCESS to a fully integrated system that:

  • Automates Web page creation and functionality

  • Helps build your your online community in a variety of ways.

  • Provides multiple ways to receive visitor feedback.

  • Showcases your products and services.

  • Promotes your Web site.

  • Automatically processes customer orders, then emails itemized confirmation.

  • Provide management for people, places, things, events, documents, and money.

  • much more (over 350 fully integrated programs).

Here is your chance to learn about new and improved technologies that not only opens up the Internet to you, but more importantly gives you the capability to attract visitors, retain customers and provides online service.

Leverage your Internet investment by increasing the power of your website by up to 350 TIMES and more!

The best part for you is...

  • No experience necessary.

  • No software to buy, install, or upgrade.

  • No hardware to buy, setup, or maintain.

  • Access all features from anywhere on the Web using a computer and browser.

  • Make unlimited changes.

  • Enjoy unlimited transfers.

  • Create unlimited pages.

  • Promote unlimited catalog items.

  • Receive FREE Hosting up to 50MB. (By the way... that's alot!)

  • No FTP required.

  • Benefit from faster startup and modifications.

  • Bottom line... you get more for less!

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  • Increasing Web site traffic
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  • Collecting visitor feedback
  • Targeted marketing (Very Important)
  • Cementing online relationships
  • Encouraging sales at your site
  • Retaining Internet customers
  • Generating repeat sales
  • Creative Webmastering
  • How to get customers to ask for what they want to buy.
  • and more...

Web pages and a shopping cart is not enough.

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Daniel Szeremet
Certified Multi-Platform Network Engineer / Systems Engineer / Business Consultant

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