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We're Committed to Your Success!
EZ-Net Systems is located in Santa Clarita, CA. We believe that honesty and integrity are values to be practiced. We believe hard work reaps its reward. We are committed to our valued customers.

Committing to your success, we build our success.
One exciting aspect of our business is constant change and evolution. Our job is to use this evolving technology to increase your business success. We look to the future with enthusiasm, to implement new technology that will expand our business and yours.

Over 25 Years Professional Computer Experience
Daniel Szeremet, owner of EZ-Net Systems, graduated with his first computer certification in 1974. During his career he received a degree in Science and Mathematics, and continues to upgrade his knowledge. He received his most recent Internet certification in 2000.
Brief Resume
Over the last 25 years, Daniel has applied his skills in computer electronics, software, engineering and business, providing solutions for military defense, global navigation, manufacturing, insurance, banking, corporate legal, financial management, aircraft safety, health care, Internet and more.

We Provide Service That Empowers YOU!
Eager to develop others to their highest potential, Daniel brings his experience and a system to those who wish to bring their business to it's potential.

Contact us today. See how we can best serve you!

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