Building An Internet Empire One Day At a Time

By Terry Dean

Have you ever seen a new Internet marketer in real life trying to figure out what they should do first online?

They look kind of like a deer staring into the headlights of a truck barreling down on it. There is that look of wonder about what is supposed to happen next.

They were told that the Internet is full of possibilities and is a Goldmine for the miners who are rushing to take advantage of the gold in the hills. They want in on the action, but they can't seem to figure out a simple and basic game plan for getting started.

Helping these kinds of people get started online has been one of the primary goals in our business. To many would be Internet marketers, the Internet is full of possibilities, but precious little specific information to getting started.

So, below I am going to give you a 5 step plan for advertising your web site which you should follow every single day.

Never relax your advertising. Approximately 80% of your Internet marketing business should consist of advertising or learning new ways to advertise.

Sure, there are hundreds of other ways you could advertise your site and products, but these five are the most important ones to get started with. I could take any web site which I have designed and make it successful using ONLY these five techniques.

Consider them the 5 Advertising Habits of a Successful Internet Marketer...

1. Place an Ezine Ad.

The best type of paid advertising is ezine ads. So, part of my "prescription" for success is to place an ad in ezines at least 2 times a week if not more (if you want to build your business quicker, place an ad in a different ezine every day of the week).

Free advertising can be very powerful, but never neglect using the best type of advertising available online.

2. Participate in Discussion Groups.

Go to right now and pick out ten to twenty discussion groups which relate to what you are selling. Then, bookmark them in your favorite places and begin to visit them every day.

Make it a practice to post to at least one of them every day. Don't just post an ad either. Participate in the discussion. Give and it will be given back to you.

3. Submit Your Site to One Major Search Engine.

Pick out some keywords for your web site and start looking at the pages which come up first on one of the major search engines. Look at the title, keywords, and text of the top sites. Then, create a similar mirror page which you can submit to that search engine.

Most visitors begin their web surfing at one of the major search engines. Why not let them start off at your site?

4. Make One New Contact a Day.

Send a personal email to a web site owner or ezine publisher asking to trade links or ads. Even better, ask them to do some type of Joint Venture or endorsement of each other. Never begin to think that the Internet is just a bunch of machines and that you push this button and that button to succeed.

Interact with real people and trade ads, resources, products, etc.

5. Do Something in the "Real World."

Don't forget offline advertising. Have some business cards printed up which you can hand out to people you come in contact with.

Send a letter to the editor in a magazine or newspaper. Send out a press release to your local newspaper, radio station, or a magazine in your industry. Just get started doing something offline to integrate in with your online marketing strategy.

There is my prescription for the beginning Internet marketer. Take it every day and begin to watch your little seedling of an Internet empire begin to grow.

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