Standout Story

Keynote Speaker
Danny Szeremet

1. Mirror - If you... are

2. Grandma's Kitchen - My first INTERRUPTION

3. Front Seat - Every other Saturday

5. Holton Bridge - Occassionally Dad would send

4. Kagel - We were "Free Range"

5. 28th Street Kitchen - My brother and I, plus...

6. 44th Street Kitchen - When Mom would pick...

7. Adam's Hall - Thirteen must have been...

8. Front Door - As I approached my 14th...

9. Mom Diner - Grandma encouraged me to...

10. Face - You see in the face of difficult...

11. Heart - Your Love can only be Interrupted...

12. North Star - Now it's up to me.

Daniel Szeremet

Grandma's Song



Hi everybody!

I am Happy to be here.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share something that is important to all of us.

- I hope you're ALL doing well,

- and progressing with your projects


- Thank you for hosting this event

- And for your guidance and advice

I applaud you all for being here and for your commitment to:

- Self improvement and personal growth

- For sharing YOUR story 

- For supporting others as they share their stories

For... Shining Light.


Now, you may have noticed... Life has disruptions.

- It's crazy how disruptive disruptions can be!

- Results are varied

- There's a lot going on right now.

- And “Disruption” doesn’t sound good.

- So as I share my story, I will use the word “Interruption” instead.


My first “interruption” occurred when I was born.

-  My mother was in a mental section of the hospital 

-  My father was not capable of taking care of a newborn.

-  Dad was already raising my 3 year old brother 

-  My 2 years old sister was with another family

So Dad brought me straight from the hospital.

- 4 days old,

- To Grandma and Grandpa

They were not my biological grandparents

- They knew my Dad when he was growing up

- They took me into their home on North Avenue

They were already raising their own Grandson. 

So I had a ready made family.

-        A brother, 4 years older

-        Hand-me-downs

-        And “Grandma”, my first star

Grandma was Scotch-Irish

-        About 5 feet 4 inches tall

-        A Simple, humble woman

-        Raised on a Wisconsin farm.

She married Grandpa, they moved to Milwaukee.

-        Grandpa worked at Schlitz brewery

-        During World War II, Grandma did too.

-        She also raised her children

-        Then her grandson

-        Then me

- I like to think Grandma was so happy with me, she took in foster children afterwards

- Grandma said I was smart, 
according to my 1st Grade Teacher

- She said I was good.
  I tried to make her right.

- She said I was special.
  I was grateful Grandma 
believed in me.

Every other Saturday, we would go “Up North”

- To get eggs from the farm.

- And to visit Grandma and Grandpa's family and relatives living in the farmland and villages about an hour and a half, North of Milwaukee.

On our way up, I often sat in the front bench seat of the car, between Grandpa and Grandma.

- Inevitably Grandma would reach into her purse and pull out a handkerchief.

- Then she'd wet that handkerchief with her tongue

- Then she would use that wet handkerchief to clean out my ears.

- Grandma said my ears were so dirty that I could grow potatoes in there.

- As a 6 year old, I pictured potatoes growing in my ears.

This was one of many memories of a special person who raised me and cared for me.

Maybe YOUR fondest memories are with YOUR parents, or YOUR grandparent, maybe another relative, or even a non-relative. 

Perhaps... like me, they were legal guardians, who for me, will always be Grandpa and Grandma.

And Grandma kept the potatoes out my ears!


For two weeks in Summer, Grandma and Grandpa would take their Grandson to Florida

- To visit HIS mother, THEIR daughter.

- I did not go with them, because I could not leave the the State without parental permission.

- Grandma told me, that my FATHER could take me out of state, because he WAS my PARENT.

My suggestion was to bring Dad and Brother along. I'm sure they'd like to see Florida.

For whatever reason... that didn't happen. 

Whenever they went to Florida, I stayed with Grandma's sister Aunt Catherine and Uncle Al up North.

Occasionally Dad would send my brother to pick me up on a Saturday, after brother watched movies at the Boys' Club theater.

- The Boys' Club sounded like fun.

- But you had to be at least 7½ years old to join.

- I couldn’t wait to be 7½ years old.

When I turned 7½ years old, my life was interrupted. 

- The next summer, instead of staying with Aunt Catherine and Uncle Al, I stayed with Dad.

- At the end of that extended visit, I learned I would be living with Dad and brother from then on.

- Because this was my actual family.

- I wondered... when I would see Grandma again.

- I got to join the Boys' Club!

- Dad got to enjoy the child care benefits provided by club activities.

- Dad drove cab 6 days a week.

So on Saturdays, brother and I rode city buses across town to watch old movies on the big screen

Movies like:

Earth vs. The Flying Saucers 
(I loved the mid 1950's sci-fi effects) 

(Boris Karloff was my favorite)

Abbott and Costello MEET Frankenstein.
(Dad had an uncanny resemblance to Costello.)

Dad also had the only key to the house.

- Which meant, after school we had to wait outside, anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, before Dad got home.

- So we kicked around the neighborhood.

- I searched for playground equipment, park swings, and climbable trees.

- We were "Free Range".

- And that "Range" got mighty cold during Wisconsin Winters.

- I am not saying we walked to school everyday through 4 feet of snow, uphill both ways.

- If you were raised in a colder region, you might have already heard that story.

- Our snow fall was only about 2 feet deep.
- I was about 4 feet tall
(about the height of the snow drifts)

We trudged through thigh high snow against blustery winds that violently shook my body.

In any instant, a strong sudden wind gust would abruptly steal the breath from my 8 year old lungs.

While subfreezing temperatures froze every extremity.

As we leaned into the punishing winds our exposed faces were being blasted with heavy snow, the kind that is saturated with water.

- the kind that hits harder, 
- feels colder, 
- and stings more. 
- It's like getting a slushy in your face all the way.

- We walked beyond the school, 
- beyond the city park,
- all the way to the public library 
- where we sheltered during inclement weather

Typically we would have MORE than an hour to warm up and browse the library.

- But this trip was so difficult and slow, we had only 7 minutes to slightly warm before returning to the elements.

- We still got home late and Dad was not happy.

Next blizzard, we planned to mill around, inside the small stores on nearby 16th Street just to keep warm.

- Those "No Loitering" signs were not going to stop us.
- If we get thrown out, we go to another store.

- However, a NEW sign appeared on each store.

- THAT SIGN stopped us cold in our tracks.

- The sign said: "Closed Due to Blizzard"

Living with Dad was difficult compared to living with Grandma.

- Grandma provided a home, warm and open.

- Dad had us shivering in the cold, 
not literally.... ACTUALLY.

- Life was easier with Grandma. I yearned to return.

When I complained to Dad about being stuck in the cold, he put me to work selling door-to-door. 

- "That should keep you busy." Dad said.

- We were freezing out there, and Dad's solution    was to add work.

- Selling door-to-door in Wisconsin Winter, did NOT make me feel any warmer, but it DID keep me busy.

I sold greeting cards, various candies, flower seeds, garden seeds from Winter to late Spring.

My efforts paid off!

- I earned 2 weeks of summer camp

- I learned that work has its rewards

- I survived Winter 

I also learned that life is an adventure.

- Since Dad COULD take us out of state. we rode the Greyhound Bus to Illinois, to watch horses race... when Dad got a tip.

- In our neighborhood, there were four taverns within a half block of our home. We knew every one, inside and out. 

- Dick's Tavern was my favorite. Because he let us stack beer cases in the back room to make forts and stairs to an open window overlooking the bar room.

- We didn't have a car and buses did not run on Sundays. So I convinced Dad to walk 3 miles, each way, to Jackson Park, so we could see swans swimming in the lagoon. 

- Dad even barbequed on a grill in the park. 
I got bit by a swan.
One morning, we discovered Dad lying on the couch, His were eyes glazed, he was not speaking.

- We called for help.

- An ambulance took Dad away.

- I asked if Dad would be home before night. 
No one had an answer.

- Tomorrow? 

- The next day?  (Children weren't allowed to visit the Intensive Care Unit)

- Within the week, Dad died.

At Dad's funeral... I felt numb. 

- I wished I could bring him back.

- Grandma showed up all 4 days of Dad's wake and burial. This meant everything to me.

- I wanted to go home with Grandma. 

- But other plans were being made. 

Life was being INTERRUPTED again.


As I turned 9 years old, Brother and I, plus sister, moved in with an aunt and uncle, half brother to Dad.

For me, entering that household was entering a period of unfairness, indignation, and exploitation.

In THAT household:

 - I felt uncomfortable.

- Walking on eggshells became the norm.

The attitude in that household was mostly asocial, with tendencies towards antisocial rhetoric.

The slightest provocation or misunderstanding could trigger a swift reaction from my aunt: a sharp tongue lashing, a harsh scolding, a long brow beating lecture.

 - "You should be grateful to have a roof over your head." My aunt would harangue. 

"You could be living in a orphanage, where you have no family and you have to fight everyday."

- "The County isn't giving us enough money for you anyway."

I was blasted with those statements, and more, when I ask for the allowance our aunt had proposed and promised to us.

"How dare you ask."

"You should be grateful to have food on the table."

Now I understand why my older brother and sister, both voted for me to do the asking.

I was bit perplexed. We had done our part.

Was requesting fulfillment of another person's promise, being ungrateful?

Allowance never got started.

- Chores continued.

- Lectures continued.

I felt I was able to endure that emotional abuse, because I had memories of Grandma, reminding me that I WAS special, I was smart, and I was good.

Make no mistake. At Grandma's we received our share of reprimands, spankings and groundings. 

- But Grandma corrected our behavior.
- She did NOT attack my character.
- Or attempt to break my spirit
- Or break agreements.

My aunt said I could never return to Grandma.

- Because Grandma was not actual family.

- Because Grandma was too old to have foster children.

- Because I had no choice.

- I had to be a "certain age" before a judge would even listen to me.

After that, she barred me from visiting Grandma on occasional weekends.

My aunt said she could NOT imagine how someone could love a child who was NOT related by blood.

- Our aunt was NOT related to us by blood.

But I knew... Grandma loved me. 


Occasionally, when our MOM would pick us up, our aunt would lecture us on why we should NOT be seeing our Mother.

- “Where was SHE when YOU needed her?”
Our aunt would press US for a reaction.

- Seemed Mom was struggling to see her children with minimal cooperation.

Mom had lost everything, and was struggling with life, and coping with alcohol.

I coped by staying away from home as often as possible.

- Once chores were done, I would disappear until it was time to eat or time for another chore.

- I had already absorbed too many fears, uncertainties, prejudices, opinions and reactions.

- So I enjoyed having friends, a girlfriend, even a surrogate family in another neighborhood.

At the age of 13, I found myself at greater odds with my aunt.

- She was threatening to interrupt my time with my friends and girlfriend.

- When I objected, I was physically assaulted.

- No worries. I blocked the attempted blows to my head. 

- Then I remembered, from ALL those lectures, I had no choice... until I reach "a certain age".


Thirteen must have been “a certain age”.

I contacted my social worker and requested removal from the household.

- After insistence, and persistence, I landed in the county orphanage.

- Where I felt isolated, abandoned, lonely and scared.

- I was separated from my brother, my sister, my friends, my girlfriend, family.

- Except this time it was MY choice, MY doing.

- NOW I had NO family.

- This time, “I” INTERRUPTED my life.

But I had NOT interrupted my faith.

- My hope continued

- My prayers continued

- And I had Grandma’s phone number memorized since First Grade.

Once I was able to get a message to Grandma, she placed a request with the County to bring me home.

(Sigh of relief)

It felt good to be wanted.


As I approached my 14th Birthday,

-       I returned to North Avenue where Grandma, Grandpa and my original brother lived. 

   By then I had younger foster brothers as well.

-     We resumed those trips up North, and I was reacquainted with aunts and uncles and cousins near and far.

    I caught up with my friends, and girlfriend. I was happy to introduce them to Grandma.

    I cherished Grandma.
I listened to her advice.
- Grandma encouraged me to forgive.

I made peace with my aunt and uncle, and keep in touch with their children, my cousins.
Sometimes we vacation together.

Grandma repeatedly encouraged me to visit my mother. 

- Which I did.

- Bible does say "Honor your Father and Mother"

-       I visited my Mother for HER sake.

    Over time, I realized this was for BOTH our sakes. 

    Mom was warm, articulate, and giving.
She HAD reached out to us when she could.

    Mom shared good advice. 
I could tell that she cared.
I could tell that she loved me.

    Occasionally, not often, Mom would vent about Dad.

-         I listened to her side.

-         I asked questions too.

-         I didn't judge.

 Mom's life improved.

-         She stopped drinking.

-        Mom went from a transient homeless/boarding house, situation to her own apartment, with a phone.

    After that, we talked 3-4 times a week, at least.

-      I got to know my Mom.
I got to L
ove my Mom.

    What an amazing gift!
Am I right?

-      I even discovered relatives I didn't even know I had, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, even a much older half-brother on Mom's side.

    (Mom's family is large and accomplished: Architects, Doctor, CEO, Director, various Engineers, Contractor Businessman, Farmers, an Olympic Athletic & Coach, Musicians, and Songwriters, to name a few.)

    All this by following Grandma’s lesson of Love and forgiveness. What an amazing gift!

-       There was a time, when it seemed, I had NO family.

Now when I visit home, I am welcomed by 3 families plus relatives and relations.


You see, in the face of difficult times and INTERRUPTIONS, there IS ALWAYS HOPE. 


 We also have POWER, each one of us.

-          - You can think of power as Physical Strength

-           - You can think of power as Position or Authority.

-           - You can think of power as Money.

-         What if you think of Power as LOVE.

     Love enhances all of that regardless. 

    Strength, Position, Authority, Money can be INTERRUPTED at any time.

Your Love can ONLY be INTERRUPTED if you allow it. YOU make that decision.


LOVE is ALWAYS beneficial. It can be applied anywhere, and can raise anything to a higher level.

- Love can be shared as a kind word, a helping hand, a smile.

- Love can be felt as goodwill toward your neighbors, friends, co-workers,

- Even those you don't know, or understand, yet.

Love can even be as BIG as a BIG OLD HUG from Grandma.

Feel free to give yourself a BIG OLD HUG. 
It's your choice.

- Love heals. 

- Love grows. 

- Love brings us together. 

- Love makes us stronger in more ways than you might think.

You can point yourself towards Love anytime.
Grandma pointed me towards Love,

- A direction as steady as North.

- The name of the street where we lived - North Ave.

- It was the direction we traveled together - Up North

I use this metaphor, 

- like a compass,

- to check my bearing.

In any situation, I might ask myself the question:

"Am I aligning with Love?"

This has given me a better world.

How does one align with Love?

Sometimes I'll simply ask myself,

"Am I seeing Love?"
"Am I giving Love?" 
"Am I moving towards a higher Love?"

You're thinking about Love right now, aren't you? 


Grandma was an inspiring example of Love.
And she made an incredible difference in my life.

- So I wrote a Song For Grandma. 

Would you like to hear it?

(Audience: Yes)

Before I sing... I invite you... to take a moment to... think about WHO that special person is for YOU.

Is it YOUR Grandma or YOUR Grandpa?

Is it YOUR Mom or YOUR Dad?

Perhaps it's a special relative, 

Or a non-relative who is special to you.

That special person could be 

- someone at your workplace, a co-worker, a a client, a boss, a mentor.

- or someone at school, a teacher, a fellow student, a study partner

- That special person could be your spouse or your significant other,

- Maybe a friend who means so much to you. 

- That special person could be anyone.

That special person could even be YOU. You may never know to what extent YOU inspire others.

Incredible and inspiring people I know... lead from the heart.

This song is for someone who led from the heart.

Are you ready to hear A Song For Grandma?
(Audience: Yes)

Ladies and Gentleman:

A Song for Grandma - North

You brought Love into the world when you were born.

You carry Love all the time, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes it takes courage to express Love,  

The song I just sang, became the third song in a trilogy of songs.

You see, there's another side to the story.

While I was AWAY from Grandma, and living with  relatives, I met an angel who inspired me whenever she appeared.

I did not feel worthy.
I pushed her away.

Years later, I wrote a song for that angel, to apologize. 

She was quick to forgive and quick to compliment. It was her way to empowered first.

It was time to forgive myself.
This was my bigger challenge.
This led to an awakening, a life changing epiphany!

I then wrote a follow-up song to describe that epiphany and the surrounding story.

- To remember how I arrived
- To thank that angel for her part.
- To describe that path to others.
- To share insights and experiences
with others on the path

This song became my personal anthem, and is a reminder of a miraculous personal breakthrough. 

Combined with the prior song, these 2 songs clearly contrast who I was compared to who I am now.

I literally created my personal old testament and personal new testament in two songs.

This is a short summary. 

I share story details in my one hour keynote performance, including the road map. 

In my 12 module master class, I show how that map fits together with a greater map.

How did I even find that map, you might ask.

Grandma's showed me North.

That's the end of my time.

If you would like to receive information about my keynote concerts and master classes please be sure to add your contact information to the form circulating in the room.

Have a great day, and wonderful tomorrow.


















How did I find my way to this map and the greater map, I might ask. 

even including a map as a reminder of direction.

I realize this a very short summary.

How did 

The writing of that song revealed a roadmap that I had travelled for years. This roadmap instantly reminds me of the path I followed to discover a greater map.

It instantly reminds me of the direction, I chose to travel.

Even includes the roadmap I actually traveled to find my way.

- By sharing the path I followed to that awaking

- I even have a roadmap that share   
- Which led to an even bigger map, and greater knowledge

share the path with others

- I describe 
Using the roadmap,  
which I share in my hour long keynote.

- Which led me to a greater map

so I will always remember, so I can share what I 
with others. 

It even includes a roadmap!
Which led me to a greater map!
Of greater knowledge and understanding.

Grandma's song

You see, there's another side to the story.

While I was living AWAY from Grandma, with other relatives,

- I felt unloved, sometime unlovable, sometimes unloving
- I had already been damaged physically, emotionally and spiritually
I felt like I was in the wrong place.
- I was in a 3rd church, that denounced the
  other churches as pathways to damnation.
- I could only hope and pray that I was planted in proper soil as one parable describes.

At age 12, an angel appeared.
She blessed me with her presence every time.

I was so inspired, I intended to write her a song one day to show her how I feel:

once I learn how to write a song, 
- once I buy a guitar and learn that too.

Then again, how could a relationship even work?

- She went to another school.

- She attended a church that was evil,   according to my church

- She already HAD a caring family, a real family.
I felt I had even less to offer in that area 

- Deep down inside, I felt unworthy, not good

- Overtime she was likely to find out, who I 
really was.

- I was concerned her religion would ensure
damnation for both

Do you think I might have been confused?
That how I felt entering 8th grade.

In order to 

With a weak excuse, I pushed her away so I wouldn't have to wrestle with the conflicts and demons, or even step outside the boundaries I had been taught to fear.

I met another angel who blessed me more than she will ever know.

I was doing it all wrong. 

- I had been doing it wrong 

life seemed to 

That angel blessed me as well, every time.

I was so inspired, that I promised myself, I would write her a song. That was before I knew how to play the guitar... or write a song.

Years later, I actually wrote that song and presented it.

As a result of that stretch, I was blessed more than I  had ever expected.

I experienced an epiphany!

I experienced the most amazing moment I can recall. It changed my 
life forever!

This a VERY short summary.

In my one hour keynote performance, I'll have more time to share details of that story and epiphany. 

That awakening was so profound, I HAD to write a 2nd song.

- to thank that angel for her inspiration,
- to somehow, bottle what I learned
- to remember HOW to find my way back

That second song for that angel, has become my personal anthem.

Together with the prior song, I have a personal old testament and personal new testament.

With a roadmap!

That roadmap led to a bigger map and a greater understanding of which direction to go.

I would like everyone to have an experience like this, by using YOUR gifts, like I did.

I offer a 12 module master class to show you a much bigger map that helped me understand:

- where I was, 
- where I am
- where I am going.

I include Grandma's song as the third song in this trilogy. Because it points out how I found that map, and how I discovered an even bigger map after that.

How did I find that map?

By heading North.


Grandma showed me the direction I had to go to that map.


Because I discovered a roadmap that was part of my life

help me to find that map 

I used my gifts to discovery my way.

and I received a great blessing.

I offer a m

I would like everyone here to have that experience in the way that works for yo

It answered so much for me. I am wiser as a result of that experience.

Grandma's song added a another 

- to share this experience with others

Alone that second song for an angel, has become my
personal anthem

I would Love for everyone here to have an experience like that.

I wanted to bottle that experience.
I wanted everyone to have an experience like that.

I had to share this experience.
I had to remember this lesson... for all time.
I had to thank that angel for HER inspiration.

I wanted her to know that in a very simple way, she helped to change someone's life in a significant way.

I have details.
I wanted to bottle this.
I wanted everyone to have an experience like that.

It's why I am standing here, to share a reality.

A reality so simple, yet so profound it has enhanced my life, my happiness, my relationships, my efficiency, my career, my earnings and much more.

My perception of Divinity has even changed...
from understanding to knowing.

Creating that second song sounded like angels sharing wisdom in lyrics.

It seemed like that song had written ME.

These two songs have become my personal old testament and personal new testament.

The second song is also my personal anthem.

Because it reminds me (and informs others) of the steps I took to achieve an amazing moment of clarity.

It even describes, on a simple roadmap, the path taken, where the breakthrough occurred.

I'll show you the roadmap, in my full hour keynote. I'll even sing you the song.

in my full hour keynote performance.

I wanted to bottle this somehow.
I wanted everyone to have an experience like that.

includes a simple roadmap and directions 
so you will always have directions.

I wrote Grandma's song, the following year, and added it to the other 2 songs, that you'll be hearing in my full keynote performance.

 make this to make this a trilogy.

"Why?" You might be wondering, how did this man manage to find a roadmap instrumental to his awakening.

That's simple... I found it by heading North!

That's the end of my time.

If you would like to find out more about my keynote performances, master classes and more, please be sure to add your contact information to one of the sign up forms going around.

Thank you for attending.
Have a wonderful rest of your day.


Everyone who knew me, noticed! 

Many asked what happened, what had changed.
Those who didn't know me, would ask to join me.

It was as if angels were sharing wisdom.
It was as if angels were writing the lyrics.
It was as if that song had been writing me.

By using the gifts I've been given

I can play that song when I could use a reminder

and remember for myself.

I documented my epiphany in two song, before and after, and I share the story with details of the event.

This song become my personal anthem. I perform it when I want a reminder of what I've learned and experienced. And how I got there!

I documented my epiphany before and after, in two songs and a story of an amazing experience.

Better y

I would like everyone here to experience what I exp

But at the time,
- I didn't feel worthy or adequate
- My home life

Little did I know how true that would become.

I wrote her a song. As always, she blessed me.

That led me to a person epiphany that changed my life forever, in a twinkle of an eye.

In my one hour keynote performance, I share the details of that amazing awakening.

While I was away, I faced challenges at home, that affected my performance at school, my interactions with others and my assessment of myself.


 from Grandma, I met another angel.

She always appeared when I least expected. She was friendly, beautiful, even magical. 

She did everything right. She was perfect.

Originally I planned on writing her a song to explain my feelings. But I had yet to learn how to write a song, and I did NOT know how to play guitar.

There were too many ways, it seemed like it would not work out, including eternal damnation if I crossed denomination lines from the religion I was planted. 

For a variety of reasons, I felt unworthy.
I felt damaged in multiple ways.
I pushed her away.

I regretted that misguided moment.

Now I needed to write a songs to explain myself, and to explain my feelings, and to ask for forgiveness.

There seemed to be no other way except turning to my gift, which has yet to be developed.

There is a whole other story, that I include in my one hour keynote performance, along with the soul searching song I had written for that special angel.

As a result of openness, honesty, and searching for truth, no matter what, I experienced an epiphany in answer to a simple prayer.

I share the description of that epiphany, the event, the bliss, the stream of knowledge that followed, the synchronicities, the super powers and insights.

Many insights appeared in this second song, which was sung by an angel into my ears. It explained everything I needed to know about that story.

And it allows me to share that story of transformation in a manner that can be heard and felt by others.

When I looked back, I realized. These two songs are essentially my personal old testament and personal new testament.

I would like everyone to have this awakening. I even offer a Master Class that can show you the way using your own gifts.

The second song even includes the roadmap I found, by heading North.

That's the end of my time.

Please be sure to enter your contact information on the form being passed around, so I can send you information on my Master Class and future keynote performances.

Thank you for joining me today.








So I can share my results with others!

 now I know my way!

I experience as a result, of doing the necessary work

and a second song that 

Turns out, I received a gift 

a second song emerged

Other phases in life took me away from her neighborhood. 

Years passed. 

I had always felt a need to explain. 

my poorly advised action.

thing, even my poorly advised in a song. 

Until I turned to my gift and made that apology in a song

There is a whole story here folks 

Years later, she appeared in another place. 

I wrote two other songs about an angel, one who appeared

(As you've heard...) 
I did not have a traditional childhood.

I lived in 3 different households with 3 different families exposed to 3 different outlooks.

On North Avenue, in my first and last childhood home. Grandma blessed me with acceptance, compassion, encouragement, and direction.

In my second home, took on a bigger world, with new challenges, adventure, struggle and growth.

got to know my Dad, in that year and a half we lived on Mineral Street, where I survived the elements.

In my third household, we moved out of the inner-city to the suburban edge of the Milwaukee city limits.

While my world was expanding beyond the reach of city buses, my perspective was narrowing. my vision was diminishing and my outlook was changing.

I felt unloved, sometimes unlovable, often unworthy. In an asocial environment, social advise and guidance was difficult to find at home.

I made more mistakes.
I was loosing direction.
I lost my way.

Then an angel appeared. (True story folks)

She was beautiful in every way.
Every time she appeared, she expressed Love and Joy.

I felt unworthy of such happiness, and pushed her away.

Years later, I caught a very bright glow. My inner voice instantly asked if this was an angel.

It was HER... in another place.
I wanted to explain myself, but in the public social circumstance I was in at the time, I did not approach.

I will never forget how brightly she glowed.

Decades later, I received a last chance to ask for forgiveness and make amends which I did... in a song I wrote to explain.

I received her forgiveness and an unexpected compliment. Then I remembered... she always empowered first.

This time was no exception. I received an ever greater gift, an epiphany!

This awakening opened my eyes, my heart and a connection beyond my five senses. I had tapped into something greater than myself.

I experienced my own Divinity!

Then information started streaming through me like a celestial download, that angel, those encounters, Life, the Universe and the answer to every question I asked.

It was very clear.

I understood what was real

I received so much information in that experience, and in the months that followed. Faith seemed like I no longer felt a need for faith. I 

I longer have to rely on understanding or faith. I received ample knowledge 

I call this event my Christmas Gift of 1994.

My world turned right-side-up again.
Then I wrote a new song to celebrate my awakening.
Plus, this amazing event needed to be shared in some form.

As I was completing my new song, it occurred to me. I had written a personal old testament and personal new testament.

I share this whole story, in my one hour keynote performance.


I was 

In my third household, I lived in a family with a narrow, perspective, asocial tendencies, and bias against others who are different.

I was also receiving ongoing training in a 3rd Christian denomination that denounced other denominations more fervently than they did.

At age 9 thru 13, children are developing social skill and learning to adapt in society. I was concerned if I had landed on the right religion, or was I going to hell.

Trying not to displease God in the way I was more recently taught, was leading to more mistakes.

One day an angel appeared.
I knew she was there to save me.
She even sent others, to check me out.

I must have qualified.
She appeared again and again after that.
And she was always wonderful to me.

However SHE did not belong to my church and I had been warned about fallen angels and the like.

For that reason and other misguided reasons, I did the wrong thing.

I pushed her away.
I broke a heart.
I lost my way.

Soon I would be heading in another direction.

Years later she appeared again.
I was given a chance to apologize.

I wrote a song to explain and confess.
Once again, I was blessed by that angel.

Weeks later, I experienced an epiphany, an awakening that changed me and my world.

You will hear how I got there.
You will hear how got out of that pit.

With a prayer, I was blessed with an epiphany!
My world flipped right side up.
I was no long hanging in there.
I was standing firmly in a new Reality.

Years later, I used my gift of song, to discover and explore my error, to seek forgiveness.


I had lost direction.
I did the wrong thing.
I broke a heart.

An angel appeared again and again.
I knew she was there to save me.

But church had warned me

I met an angel who appeared 

 and who I should avoid, 

I made more mistakes.
I lost direction.

I did the wrong thing.

I broke a heart.

I had met a SECOND angel, and I pushed her away.

From that point my life changed direction. In a very real way... I was lost.


Add a history of training in 3 different church denominations, each denouncing the other as trapdoors into damnation, you have a child who was confused

 and you have a child developing  

And warning us not to associate with them.

Each of the 3 churches I attended, spoke against other denominations. We were told to avoid those of other denominations, so as not to fall into damnation.

It was not easy 

as if they trapdoors to damnation. We were told to avoid those of other denominations.

I could only hope that I landed on the right one. 

Learning th

That is the same age range when children typically learn how to adapt socially in society. In this area, advice was hard to find at home.

Like the disagreement between the 3 churches I attended during childhood. Each claimed an excusive path to salvation that excludes the others.

Had I landed on the right path?

I will have more time, to share details, in my one hour keynote concerts.

Years later, I used my gift of song, to discover and explore my error, to seek forgiveness.

In my first song I was searching for the pain, and I found it! It was stuck in the pit of my stomach, and it wasn't going away by itself.

You will hear how I got there.
You will hear how got out of that pit.
With a prayer, I was blessed with an epiphany!
My world flipped right side up.
I was no long hanging in there.
I was standing firmly in a new Reality.

Then I wrote a second song that describes that process of awakening. The second song became my personal anthem. Because it reminds me how I transformed understanding into knowing. 

I would like everyone to have that experience.

Because it could change your life, and the lives of those around you. It could change your world.

Together these two songs, literally document a before and after perspective of that epiphany, essentially a personal old testament and a personal new testament.

I even reveal the roadmap I used!

If you are looking for more than a one hour revelation, I also offer a live Master Class, 12 Modules that reveal a bigger map wisdom.

How did I find that roadmap?
I traveled North.

If you would like more information on my keynote concerts, master classes, events and trainings, please be sure to enter your contact information on one of the signup form that's is being circulated around the room.

Thank you for listening.
Have a great day.
I hope I see you 


Because I felt unworthy.
Because she went to the "wrong" church.

Because she went to another school.

Interruptions in my living 

This gave me a broader range of experience than traditional. Undoubtedly I absorbed a broader range of good and error..

I would like to see everyone here, have the experience that I had. I'll show you how I used my gift to get there.

To find social advise at home, was unlikely. Prior experience recalls reaction, conflicting statements and confusion.

By most measures, my social error was minor. But this error had lasting consequences.

 judgement and injustice.

A child typically develops social skills from age 9-13. 

During that period of my life, I lived in a household with asocial tendencies, that seemed to lean toward antisocial and reactive.

It was hard to find social advise at home.

 I did not feel worthy of forgiveness. 

I had already learned to judge myself at least as harshly as the superior at home.

of lasting consequence

Good advise was hard to find. 

In ways I became confused and forgot which way is up. 

made my biggest mistakes while living in that household.

The biggest mistake was pushing away Love.

Because I felt too damaged for someone so wonderful.

I developed habits to withhold, react, withdraw or attack. 

It seemed nonproductive, even detrimental to receive social advice from aunt or uncle. 

Sister was shy and withdraw, brother was mostly away working. He didn't have a girlfriend back then. 

My 3 younger cousins, were well below the age of dispensing advice on girls.

So when a beautiful girl 

 (ages 9 thru 13), I lived in a

that period of home life offered little in social advice.

In that household, spontaneous reactions emerged either to  

Withholding react, withdraw or engage


I developed ways to avoid or withstand spontaneous emotional abuse. 

I learned how to react, and withhold and withdraw.

During that time, I made what I considered to be my biggest mistake. I broke a heart.

The consequences were life altering. 

This person had given me ONLY Love. But I had lost trust in Love and did the wrong thing.

Before I could work out of my issues of guilt, self doubt and fear of potential embarrassment and rejection, I moved miles away.

The abrupt nature of the move, stripped me of my personal belongings, and moved me from the suburbs to the inner city.

At any material cost, I was happy to be home, even if the media referred to home as the "ghetto".

But a new question appeared. Did I have anything to offer to the girl I pushed away?

Besides a sense of guilt and unworthiness. My material wealth was at best, potential.

Distance made it easier to postpone my confession and apology until I worked on myself. In the meantime I directed my attention elsewhere.

Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years. I left the state to join the service.

In addition to my question of worthiness, this raised a new concern: Did I have anything to offer? 

Beside potential

While I was happy with the move at any material cost, the increase in distance 

proximity to the suburban neighborhood where I once lived.

First I moved to a county orphanage, then to my original neighborhood in the inner city, referred to by media as the "ghetto".

The abrupt move, stripped me of my personal effects, and proximity to my old suburban neighborhood. 

Have you ever done that?

Procrastinate because you didn't believe it was possible, or you didn't think, or you weren't enough.

Have you ever done that?
Or is it just me?

I perceived as perfection. 

as the "ghetto", by every media, and people I knew. 

The process of that move stripped me of all personal effect, except clothing

Before I was able to raise the 

From age 9 through 13, I was exposed to a philosophy hovering closely to contempt for society and others.

Age 9 - 13 is also the period referred to as the "Socialization Period", the period when children learn to adapt in society.

I could not agree with many of the societal views rendered at home, so it was difficult to find good advise regarding social situations, opposite sex, etc. 

Living in that reactive environment kept me on guard. I did not want to trigger guilt.

Guilt and confusion were already implanted by 3 different churches, where each claiming the exclusive to salvation. Seemed I had at best, a 1 in 3 chance of getting this right.

I didn't even know WHICH way to feel guilty. 

So I gleaned advise:

- from TV and movies, 

wayward jokes 

- stories from friends,

- songs with insightful lyrics, 

- wherever I could.

During that time, I made a mistake. I broke a heart.

The consequences were life altering.

As a shy 12 year old boy, I had promised myself that I would explain my feelings in a song.

I just had to:

- learn how to play the guitar

- lean how to write a song

- regain communication after moving out of the neighborhood, then out of state.

Decades later, I was presented with a final chance to explain, to apologize, and to make amends.

So I wrote that song I promised to write for her one day.

I dug deep, I was searching for the pain, I was seeking bottom.

Then I got stuck... at the bottom.

There is not enough time in this short talk to share the many details of this amazing story.

With a single prayer, I experienced an epiphany, a connection with Divinity, not just an understanding, but a knowingness obtained by the experience.

That experienced flipped my World right side up.

In the twinkle of an eye, I ascended from a pit of hopelessness and despair, to my greatest bliss. 

I felt like I was waking on air.

The world was responding with raises, job offers, and opportunities. It become rare NOT to see a smile on a stranger's face.

Out of the blue, random strangers would ask to join me, invite me to lunch, dinner, parties and other functions.

When I asked a question from Higher Power, I was amazed at how quickly I received answers to each request, often within the same day.

The longest I recall waiting for any response was a week. 

And the amazing events and the synchronicities that followed, simply blew my mind.

Shortly after my epiphany, I thought about an former coworker and friend, Rod Santiago. 

I had just returned from an amazing business trip to his home country and I wanted to tell Rod all about it.

This would seem unlikely, however. Because both Rod and I left that company. And Rod moved across the country to the East Coast somewhere. 

I wished I had a chance to share that story with him.

A week later, I was sent across the country, on a business trip to New York.

As I made my way through the bustling crowd just blocks from Times Square, I heard my name.


It was my former co-worker and friend Rod Santiago, calling to me. So I was able to share that adventure with that old friend.

This was only one of many synchronicities, I received.

During this time, I was also received a continual stream of information and knowledge.

Some of which I wrote down in a new song that shares the same story from a higher perspective,

Literally, in two songs, I created a personal old testament and personal new testament.

I share this story in my full keynote concert, because I would like you to have this same experience as well.

If everyone could experience an awakening like that, our whole World would experience enlightenment at a whole new level.

I even have the roadmap illustrating the path I took.

How did I find this roadmap?
How did I arrive at that miraculous breakthrough?
Which direction should I go?

When I saw the map, the answer became obvious.
Head in the direction of "North".

I explain all this in my Keynote Concert. So please be sure write to write your name and email on the form that is being passed around.

In addition to my Keynote Concerts, I also offer a live Master Class where I share a much larger map, that guides you to even greater levels of understanding.

So before you leave, please be sure to enter your name on the form being passed around.

If you enter your contact information in our system within the next 10 minutes, you will also be entered into a drawing for a mini-vacation of your choice.

Have a wonderful day. I hope to see you on in the Master Class. 

 from ages 9 - 13, it was difficult to find useful social advise. 

the period children typically develop social skills

referred to as the socialization

It was easier to pick up 

a period children usually learn socialization skills, between ages 9 - 13

I made my biggest mistakes 


It this household if was difficult to find useful advice for 

I had learned Christianity from three different denominations.

- Each church claimed exclusive access to salvation, with dire consequences otherwise.

- So it seemed, I had a 1 in 3 chance of salvation, assuming any of these 3 were the correct choice.

Sometimes I felt sorry for my aunt. I wondered what had happened in her life that led to such reactions.

I guessed her childhood was at least as harsh as her lectures, reprimands and outlook.

- I had lived in 3 different households,  experiencing 3 different families

- So I had some sense of what works, and what  doesn't work.

- Avoiding triggers seemed like the best strategy  for avoiding reactions.

- Avoiding reactions seemed like the best strategy  for avoiding triggers.

There's another story, A different story. A story that happened when I was far from Grandma, years since living with Grandma.

In this other story, I acquired a share of fears and phobias, reactions and regrets. I had learned how NOT to be my best person.

I made more mistakes during this time.
Perhaps my biggest mistake was breaking a heart. 

This error changed my life and had been unresolved for decades.

I knew I needed to resolve this mistake.
I knew 
I needed to use my gift. 

I knew I needed to dig deep.
I knew I needed search for the pain.

I knew I needed to make amends.
I knew I needed forgiveness.

I knew I needed take action.
I was able to express what I felt using my gift.

Then I found it!
The pain I had been seeking was right there!
It manifested in the pit of my stomach.

And the pain stayed there, reminding me of past regrets and actions I had taken.

I found myself at the bottom of an emotional pit.

And I was stuck!
Right there! 

I found myself at the bottom of an emotional pit.
As a deep regret emerged. It manifested as an ever present pain in the pit of my stomach.

A deep fear had emerged. 

I found myself at the bottom of a pit with a pain in the pit of my stomach.

When I took action, a deeper fear emerged. 

My life changed again 
As I realized what a calamity become

and I realized
life changed again.

When you think about it, the Universe is flowing with Love. Isn't that the intent of Source?

- Expressed in majesty, expressed in creation?

- When you are flowing WITH the Universe, you are riding the STRONGEST waves emanating from Source: waves of creation, waves of Love.

- When YOU are aligning with LOVE, you are  contributing to that wave of benevolence and  goodwill wherever you are, at home, around the  neighborhood, in the community, at work.

- It's amazing what can happen, what can be  accomplished, what can be learned, enjoyed,  appreciated, when others are inspired to do the  same. 

- Love can RESTORE what you think you've  LOST.

- Love can SURPASS what you think you've  GAINED.

In my one hour keynote concert, I share details of an enlightening story and how it led to my personal epiphany, a new life, and a mission.

So please be sure to signup on the contact sheet going around.

Please be sure to signup on the contact sheet that is going around.

The song, you've just heard, is a third song in a trilogy.

The other two songs are about another time, where I made a mistake that seemed unresolvable.

- My solution was to write a song that dug deep,
told the story, that reached towards the pain,
I was seeking resolution.

- The next song celebrates an amazing breakthrough that resulted in a powerful and unexpected epiphany.

Literally, by using a gift of son, I had created a personal old testament in one song and a personal new testament in the next.

- The new song has become a personal anthem.

  - Because it describes how I achieved personal 

Together, these two other songs, describe a personal transformation from the same old story to a brand new song!

It even includes the map that includes a road that led me to my own divinity.
And I found it by heading North.

That you all for attending, I hope you have wonderful rest of the day.

I did NOT have a traditional childhood.

As a foster child, I grew up in 3 different households, 3 different families, with 3 different outlooks.

Depending on the family, I occupied a different position in the children's hierarchy:

I was the youngest in one family. A middle child in another family. And the oldest in a different family.

What I lacked in consistency and continuity in family life, I gained as 3 different perspective of family and life.

I lived in 3 diversely different neighborhoods, a predominantly Black neighborhood, a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, and a predominantly White neighborhood.

As an interactive child at school, and in my neighborhood, I had multiple perspectives, unique to the times.

Especially in the racially charged atmosphere of the 60's Civil Rights Movement. 

Having experienced 3 different upbringings, I could see by example, what worked and what didn't work.

So when I reached adulthood, I lived happily ever after.


Just kidding... who does that?

It could be said, that one's adulthood is a reflection of one's childhood. That could explain how I managed to screw up my life in multiple ways.

Ages 9 through 13, is referred to as the "Socialization Period", the period of a child's life when they develop socially.

From age 9 through 13, the family that was raising me had less than a positive outlook on people, society, and others of different characteristics or color.

I was associated with my 3rd church, another denomination claiming exclusive rights to salvation. 

So already, I had a 1 in 3 chance of going to Heaven. As a pre-teen, I could only hope to land on the correct path. 


Even though, I had already lived in the neighborhoods referred to as the ghetto, and had friends of color, I wonder, how much fear had crept into me?

And from what source?

With 3 different families, I was exposed to 3 different denominations of Christianity, each claiming the exclusive path to Salvation.

This meant, I had a 1 in 3 chance of Salvation, assuming I landed on the right denomination, and didn't befriend those from another denominations.

Name calling and mocking was prevalent  


Sundays were our days with Dad. 

- Sometimes we had a promise from Dad to take us to the public pool or someplace special, like Jackson Park, where swans swam in the the park's lagoon and they had BBQ grills.

- But we could only go to Jackson Park, if all our chores were done,

- And if we had enough time to walk the 3 miles each way to get to the park and back before supper, that's a Midwest word meaning "dinner".

- That Sunday morning, as usual, Dad sent us off to church, while he slept in.

- So to give ourselves more time, Brother and I opted for an earlier church service to provide more time for our trip to see the swans in Jackson Park.

- A bonus for going to that early morning service was getting the best balcony seat in that church. 

- Then from the best vantage point available, I watched and listened to the most amazing story from a man describing his own epiphany, before I even knew what that word epiphany really meant.

- That afternoon, I was bit by a swan in Jackson Park.

It took me about a second to realize that I should not have handed popcorn to a swan in a park. It took more than 3 seconds for the swan to release my fingers.

And it took more than 3 decades for me to experience an epiphany like that man in church described.

- In my hour long keynote concert, you will hear MY personal story of breakdown and breakthrough. 

- You will hear me describe my epiphany as best as my words can describe such an awakening.

- And you will hear two songs that describe that same story. One written BEFORE epiphany, the other written AFTER. 

- Essentially, these songs represent a personal Old Testament and a personal New Testament.

- It's WHY I am hear speaking to you right now. 

Listen for yourself.

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Danny Szeremet

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