EZ-Net Systems™ Makes E-Commerce Easy!

With EZ-Net Systems™, you COMMAND EZ-Net Tools™ using point-and-click technology throughout. So your feature rich website and "Cash Register to the World" can be up and running QUICKLY, EASILY, and AFFORDABLY.

EZ-Net Tools™ Includes:

EZ-Page Builder™ - Unlimited possibilities for Web site design
EZ-Calendar™ - Automatic event calendar
EZ-Directory™ - NEW FEATURE! Online business directory.
EZ-Mailing List™ - Automated email entry form, database, bulk email.
EZ-Bulletin Board™ - Moderated Forum (posts are approved by you).
EZ-Find Dealer/Location™ - Quickly lead customers to multiple dealer information.
EZ-Catalog™ - Searchable Calendar (up to 10 criteria).
EZ-Order™ - Secure online order form calulates tax, shipping and totals.
EZ-Submit™ - Submit pages to Top 10 Search Engines. Track submissions.
EZ-Link Trader™ - Automates link trade requests, follow up and hotlink setup.
EZ-Counter™ - Automatic counters report daily and monthly hits on every page.
EZ-Online Mail™ - 200 Email Accounts.
Shopping Cart
Order Buttons
Website Search
Administrative Tools
Global Information
Domain Name Hosting
50 MB of Web Space - INCLUDED!
Stock Graphics
Auto Save - No FTP!
Secure Server
3-Way Encryption
Technical Support by phone and email.
Over 350 Programs
New Features added regularly.
Ongoing upgrades... and more!

Why pay for space you don't need? 50 MB FREE WEB SPACE included with your solution. That's many times the storage used by typical web merchants. (Average Web space usage of my clients is between 5-10 MB.) NOT A LIMIT.

UNLIMITED - Great for Growing Businesses!

(*Web space usage exceeding 50MB will be billed addition $2/month per MB)

In addition to our active website services, you can receive training, mentoring, consulting, website setup, development services, banner design, logo design, advertising, merchant accounts, even help with your ad copy.


Operate and MASTER an online system that provides service to both your customers and YOU! FINALLY work with someone who knows how to find solutions, solve problems, and CREATE RESULTS.

EZ-Net Systems™ - EMPOWERS YOU!

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191 PAGE DOWNLOADABLE INSTRUCTION GUIDE explains how to SUCCEED WITH YOUR WEBSITE. Here are just a few topic covered in this informative guide:

  • Advantages of Doing Business on the Web

  • Four High Powered Ways to Prompt Sales over the Internet

  • How Secure Services Increase Sales

  • How to Make Your Business Stand Out Among Your Competition

  • Secrets To Getting Higher Ranking On Search Engines

  • The Hidden Power of Link Trades

  • How to Test and Track Your Marketing Efforts

  • and much more...

Remarkable profits and DREAMS ARE BEING REALIZED on the Internet.


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