TO REGISTER you must SELECT BOTH the ENROLLMENT FEE and TUITION to sign up for the 21 Day Training System. Enter '1' for the 'Qty', then press "Add to Shopping Cart". BOTH ENROLLMENT FEE AND TUITION ARE REQUIRED FOR COURSE PARTICIPATION.


(Required for Website Activation)

The ENROLLMENT FEE - $149.95 is a one-time non-refundable charge necessary to activate your website. This waives website activation normally priced at $249.95 ($100 SAVINGS). The ENROLLMENT FEE IS REQUIRED for the 21 Day Training Program. Please be sure to Select Enrollment Fee for Website Activation. - $149.95 (SAVE $100).


(One Year Money Back Guarantee)

Tuition - $99.95 provides the 21 Day Web Master Training Program, and day by day Web Master Training and guidance through highly featured website system designed for business. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - $99.95

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Specific Instructions (In case your not familiar with shopping carts):

1. Select ENROLLMENT FEE by entering the number "1" in the "Qty" field, then click on "Add to Shopping Cart" which takes you to the "Shopping Cart" page. On the "Shopping Cart" page, click on the "Continue Shopping" button to return to course registration page (this page).

2. Select TUITION by entering "1" in the TUITION "Qty" field, then click "Add to Shopping Cart which takes you to the "Shopping Cart" page. Your shopping cart should contain ENROLLMENT (Stock #501) and TUITION (Stock #502) with "Qty" in each set to "1".

3. Then click on "Proceed to Checkout"; follow the instructions given during the ordering process.