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Start your Integrated Hostware RISK FREE! If you are not fully satisfied, e-mail me within 10 days
to stop activation. Service and processing fees are non-refundable. SELECT ITEMS 1, 2, AND 3.
Stock # Description PriceCode Qty
Integrated Hostware PriceCode Qty
001 Activation (Includes 1st Month)
With EZ-Page Builder, EZ-Calendar, EZ-Mailing List, EZ-Bulletin Board, EZ-Submit, EZ-Link Trader, EZ-Counter, EZ-Order/Shopping Cart, EZ-Catalog, more.
$ 149.95
002 Monthly Fee (Recurring Fee)
*Web space over 50MB will be billed additional $2/month per MB
$ 99.95
003 Initial Processing Fee (One Time Fee)
This NON-REFUNDABLE FEE will be charged to your credit card upon initial hostware activation.
$ 40.00
Services PriceCode Qty
101 Initial Website Setup (Optional)
Initial Website setup and registration of domain with Network Solutions. Does not include domain fee paid to Network Solutions (currently $35/yr.)
$ 99.95
102 Website Programming/Design
Hourly Fee for Web site programming and design services. Best to reserve a blocks of hours depending on task. Unused time available for 2 months.
$ 49.95
Educational Materials PriceCode Qty
201 Get Your Business On The Internet
Multimedia presentation on computer CD explains major pieces of an online business. Includes reference to Internet site built with this system.
Special! $ 9.95
Miscellaneous PriceCode Qty
999 Newsletter Subcription (12 Months)
Important - Specify newsletter by entering subcription code.
$ 9.95
21 Day Web Master Training PriceCode Qty
501 Enrollment Fee $ 149.95
502 Tuition $ 99.95
503 First Month Hosting (Optional) Special! $ 99.95

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