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WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME                                                                    
A domain name is a registered identification that provides routing to an numeric
Internet address (location). Computers use a grouping of numbers (example: to access an Internet address (numeric location).

A problem with using numeric addresses is that people are not good at
remembering numbers. To bridge the gap between humans and computers,
domain registration was instituted to allow people to register a domain name with
a central computer that serves as a domain name host. So when a person enters
a registered domain name (example: www.eznetsystems.com) in their browser and
presses enter, the browser goes to the domain name host (the central computer),
which directs the browser to the website address.

WHY REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME                                                       
Once a domain name is registered and bound to a website, visitors on the
Internet can type the domain name into the Address field of their browser
(instead of the numeric address) to gain access to that website. If you have a
memorable domain name you have an advantage
of consumer "top of the
recognition. Many of The Best Domain Names Are Already Gone.
Register a "good" domain name before someone else does. The domain
name is essentially your Internet Trademark. Provide an easy to recognize
name that gives you the edge.

WHERE TO REGISTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME                                   
Registration can be performed through Network Solutions at


On the Member Tools Menu (Main Menu), under "Administrative Tools",
there is a drop down list item called "Register Domain Name" to assist you
with domain name registration.

WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME                                                                    
As soon as you have the idea for your domain name. But don’t wait too long.
You don’t want to miss out on an effective domain name. Register your domain
name before it is gone.

HOW TO REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME                                                
In the Member Tools Menu (Main Menu). Select "Register Domain Name" in
the "Administrative Tools" drop down list. This takes you through a step by step
process to register your website with Network Solutions. This procedure also
verifies if your domain name has been taken. Even if you have not yet decided
on a domain name for your online business, you should go through a mock
registration process, so you will be familiar with the easy setup process once
you are ready with a domain name.

Once you’ve registered your domain name, contact support@eznettools.net
to inform them of your registration. Tech support will then finalize the registration

HOW MUCH IS DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION                               
At Network Solutions (www.networksolutions.com) domain name registration
costs $35/year.

FRESH LEMONADE?                                                                                   
Here is an example site that demonstrates the web building power of this system.
Since we will be covering EZ-Page Builder™ tomorrow, you might be pleased
to know that our example site was built with EZ-Page Builder™. Check it out
for some refreshing ideas. Worth looking at before tomorrow’s training.
Example Website: www.lemontime.com


Tomorrow: Building Feature Rich Web Pages




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